Studydroid is shutting down on January 1st, 2019

What is StudyDroid: FlashCards?

StudyDroid: Flashcards is an application for the android mobile platform.

Android? G1?

Android is an open source mobile operating system designed by Google. It debuted on the G1. More information is available at and

How do I use this site?

  • First, download and install the StudyDroid application from the market on your G1
  • Read the 'Instructions' flash card pack for instructions on how to use the android application
  • Register for an account here
  • Search for flash card packs or make your own from your 'My Packs' page
  • Sync your packs from online with your mobile device by pressing the Sync button under the main menu and logging in
  • Study

So Where do I download this for my iPhone/Storm/Windows Mobile Device?

Sorry, StudyDroid is only available for Android. Want it on your favorite platform? Complain loudly enough on our Forum and we might start developing for other operating systems.

I have this great idea for a new feature!

Great! Go to our Forum and tell us about it.

How do I share my flashcards with my friends?

All packs are defaulted to a public setting, so all you need to do is have your friends search for your name, or the pack name, or give them the url to the pack.

What if I don't want to share my flashcards?

That's ok, Studydroid has 3 privacy settings for each pack.
  • Public packs can be viewed by everyone but only edited by you
  • Wiki packs can be viewed and edited by everyone. Be careful with this one because anyone can edit your pack or delete cards.
  • Private packs can only be viewed and edited by you

How does the upload feature work?

The upload feature lets you create a new pack from a regular delimited list, perhaps copied from an Excel sheet or other database.
  • First: copy and paste the list into the text box
  • Then fill in the delimiters (a delimiter is a separator like a comma, semi-colon, or new line*) for each card (labeled: card delimiter) and the front and back of each card (labeled: side delimiter).
    • For example for a list like this
      • FRONT1:BACK1
      The side delimiters would be : and the card delimiters would a new line*
*New lines are represented by \n and tabs are represented by \t

If you have any questions drop by our Forum and search for an answer.

What is a cloned pack?

If you see a flash card pack that you really like, but you want to make some edits to it, you can clone the pack. A cloned pack is basically a copy of the original pack, as if you had made a new pack and manually copied and pasted each card. You become the new author of the pack, and can make edits as you please. Your edits WILL NOT effect the original pack and if you delete the cloned pack, the original pack will remain unchanged.

I have a question not on the FAQ

Feel free to e-mail us at support[at] or post on the forums and see if any other users can help you.