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What document covers the policies and procedures of property accountability?
AR 735-5
What form is a hand receipt?
DA Form 2062
What is supply economy?
Stopping haste, waste and abuse of supplies, using only what is necessary
Who is responsible for supply economy?
All individuals who deal with Army supplies
What is a Report of Survey?
A document or investigation for recording the circumstances concerning the loss, damage of destruction of Army property
If you lose or damage a piece of equipment and are required to pay for it, what is the action taken?
Statement of Charges
What is the purpose of the Army Clothing allowance?
To replace initial issue items that become unserviceable
How long must a soldier be in the army to receive a clothing allowance?
At least 6 Months
How many classes of supply are their and what are they?
10, 1 Rations, 2 Clothing and Equipment, 3 Fuels and Lubricants, 4 Fortification Material, 5 Ammunition and Explosives, 6 Personnel items, 7 Major End Items, 8 medical supplies, 9 Repair Parts, 10 Miscellaneous supplies
What is a DA Form 4697?
Report of Survey
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