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What manuals cover army safety?
AR 385-10, AR 385-55, AR 385-63
What type of fire extinguisher must not be used on electrical fires?
A water fire extinguisher.
Who is responsibility for the Army Safety Program?
It is the responsibility of each soldier.
The word safety is often associated with what term?
Risk Management.
What accounts for the majority of accidents?
Accidents are reported in accordance with what regulation?
AR 385-40.
Name 3 safety features commonly found in any barracks?
Lights in stairwells, Fire Lights, Fire Extinguisher and alarms
How often are fire extinguishers in the barrack required to be checked for serviceability, and how can this be determined?
Once a month, a tag on the fire extinguisher indicating the date and initials of authorized unit safety personnel.
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