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Rule of thumb strategy for making quick decisions. Like using little thought in making stops at stop signs.
A set of steps in solving a problem, a complete process.
Functional fixedness
Narrow thinking based on how somethings works. Usually inhibits the problem solving process.
Cognitive representation of something in a certain category. Example: you think of a german shepard when i say dog.

A mental grouping of similar things, events, and people that is used to remember and understand what things are, what they mean, and what categories or groups they belong to.


The smallest units of speech that convey meaning. All words are composed of at least one

Example: Work is 1; Working is 2

are sets of basic sounds (in fact, the smallest set of sounds) that are the building blocks to all spoken language.


the rules that specify how words should be ordered in a sentence to make the sentence meaningful.


When the solution to a problem comes to you in an all-of-a-sudden manner

Availability heuristic

refers to how easily something that you've seen or heard can be accessed in your memory.

Mental set

a tendency to approach situations the same way because that way worked in the past.

Representativeness heuristic

is a cognitive bias in which an individual categorizes a situation based on a pattern of previous experiences or beliefs about the scenario.


is a formal system of communication which involves the combination of words and/or symbols, whether written or spoken, as well as some rules that govern them.


is the study of meanings through the relationships of words, how they are used, and how they are said.

Confirmation Bias

is a tendency for a person to search for information that confirms one's preconceptions.


All the mental activities associated with thinking, knowing, and remembering. As you can tell, any of your ideas, thoughts, memories

Telegraphic Speech

is speech that sounds very much like a telegram, has words arranged in an order that makes sense, and contains almost all nouns and verbs.

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