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Retaining basin, usually made from salvage covers, to impound water dripping from above.
Waterproof carrier or bag used to carry and catch debris or used as a water sump basin for immersing small burning objects.
Salvage cover arrangement that channels excess water from a building. A modified version can be made with larger sizes of fire hose.
Loss Control
The practice of minimizing damage and providing customer service through effective mitigation and recovery efforts before, during, and after an incident.
Loss Control Risk Analysis
The process in which specific potential risks (potential because the incident has not occurred yet) are identified and evaluated. The goal of this process is to develop strategies to minimize the impact of these risks.
Those operations conducted once the main body of fire has been extinguished that consist of searching for and extinguishing hidden or remaining fire, placing the building and its contents in a safe condition, determining the cause of the fire, and recognizing and preserving evidence of arson.
Methods and operating procedures associated with fire fighting by which firefighters attempt to save property and reduce further damage from water, smoke, heat, and exposure during or immediately after a fire by removing property from a fire area, by covering it, or other means.
Overhaul typically begins:

  In the area of most severe fire involvement.

What may be used to extinguish small fires during minor overhaul operations?

  Pressurized water extinguishers or booster hoses.

A waterproof carrier or bag used to carry and catch debris or used as a water sump basin for immersing small burning objects is called a:

What is the first step in establishing safe conditions in a structure for conducting overhaul operations?


Inspecting the premises.

A retaining basin made from salvage covers to impound water dripping from above is a:

Long-term exposure of canvas salvage covers to sunlight will result in damage to the covers from:

Ultraviolet rays.
A common obstacle to efficient salvage operations in commercial occupancies and warehouses is a lack of:


Skids or pallets under stock.
During salvage operations, what can be used to protect furniture from absorbing water from wet carpet?

Plastic foam blocks
More items can be protected during salvage operations if they are:

Grouped into piles.
Who can assist fire department personnel facilitate salvage efforts in commercial occupancies by identifying critical records and making suggestions for stock protection?


Loss control representatives

What should be developed for buildings with high-value contents that are susceptible to water and smoke damage?

Special preincident plans
The two aspects of loss control are:

Salvage and overhaul.
Common injuries firefighters face during overhaul operations include:
  • cuts
  • burns
  • puncture wounds
  • eye injuries
  • sprains and strains
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