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Layouts Controls
These are the controls that are used to organize various View controls. Layouts may be nested and control only part of the screen or they may control the entire screen.
Each child view is placed after the previous one, in a single row or column. Key attribute - orientation (vertical or horizontal)
Each child view is placed in relation to the other views in the layout or relative to the edges of the parent layout. Key attributes - Many alignment attributes to control where a child view is positioned relative to other child View controls.
Each child view is stacked within the frame, relative to the top-left corner. View controls may overlap. Key attributes - The order of placement of child View controls is important, when used with appropriate gravity settings.
Each child view is a cell in a grid of rows and columns. Key attributes - Each row requires TableRow element.
Android supports 4 types of animation
Animated GIF images Frame-by-frame animation Tweened animation OpenGL ES
Animated GIF Images
Animated GIFs are self-contained graphics files with multiple frames.
Frame-by-Frame Animation
The developer supplies the individual graphic frames and transitions between them (see the AnimationDrawable class).
Tweened Animation
A simple and flexible method of having specific animation operations that are interpolated and applied to any view or layout.

Operations are alpha, rotation, translation and scale.
This API provides 3D drawing, animation, lighting and texturing capabilities.
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