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What are the parts of the urinary system?
two kidneys, two ureters, bladder, urethrea
What do you call the study of kidneys?
What is an excess formation of urine?
When little urine is formed or passed we call it _____.
When no urine is passed we call it ______.
What is the term for difficult urination?
What is the term for blood in the urine?
What is the term for increased urine volume?
What hormone promotes water conservation by reabsorbing urine from collecting ducts?
Antidiuretic Hormone ADH
What is the hormone that stimulates the kidney to conserve sodium ions?
What gland secretes aldosterone?
adrenal gland
What does aldosterone do?
stimulate the kidney to conserve sodium ions and water and eliminate potassium and hydrogen ions
What are the functions of the kidney?
  • Blood filtration, reabsorption and secretion
  • fluid balance regulation
  • acid-base regulation
  • hormone production
Where does ADH come from?
posterior pituitary gland
What do kidneys produce that neccesary for red blood cell production?
Where are the kidneys located?
retroperitonial; why the kidneys are outside the abdomen
What surrounds the kidneys and protects them from other organs?
perirenial fat
Which kidney is more cranial?
usually the left
What is a hilus?
where blood, lymph, vessels, nerves and ureters enter and leave the kidney
What is the beginning of the ureter?
renal pelvis
What are nephrons?
basic functional unit of the kidney whose job it is to filter, reabsorb and secrete
What are nephrons composed of?
  • renal corpuscle
  • proximal convoluted tubule
  • Loop of Henle
  • distal convoluted tubule
What is bowman's capsule?
double walled capsule that surrounds the glomerulus
What is the function of the renal corpuscle?
filter blood in the first stage of urine production
What is the filtrate in the renal corpuscle called?
glomerular filtrate
What is the longest part of the tubular system of the nephron?
proximal convoluted tubule
What is on the lumen side of the proximal convoluted tubule?
cuboidal epithelial cells with a brush border
What is special about the epithelial cells in the ascending portion of the Loop of Henle?
they become simple squamous and lose the brush border
What is the path of reabsorbtion?
  • tubular lumen
  • interstitial fluid
  • endothelium
  • peritubular capillaries
What is the path of secretion?
  • peritubular capillaries
  • endothelium
  • interstitial fluid
  • tubular lumen
What lines the wall of the bladder?
transitional epithelium
What are the other terms for urination?
micturition or uresis
What passes through the male urethra?
seminal fluid and urine
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