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Performance standards for fire instructors are identified in what NFPA standard?
NFPA 1041
When given a topic for instructional delivery, an instructor should determine what materials are needed from where?
From the lesson plan on the topic
One of the most time consuming parts of preparing for a course is what?
Arranging logistical support based on the lesson plan
When assembling prepared instructional material, the instructor will evaluate the audience in which step of the process? 
An accident analysis is conducted to achieve what?
Disclose the nature and size of the accident problem
Identify the need for engineering revisions
Indentify problems in operating procedures/guidelines
Analyzing circumstances surrounding accidents can enable an instructor to?
Indentify and locate principle sources of accidents
Disclose the nature and size of the accident problems in different operations
Indicate the need for engineering revisions by identifying unsafe conditions
What is the term used to define what an employer does to assist an individual with a disability covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act?
Reasonable accommodation
Making fun of another persons religous beliefs or allowing students in a class to harass a student due to thier religon is covered under what act?
Civil Rights Act of 1964
Instructors must adapt thier ______to the students rate of understanding or the students will become discouraged.
the lesson plan
The introductory componets of a lesson plan typically contain
Learning objectives
In which step in the lesson plan outline are learners motivated to learn?
NFPA 1403 gives info for establishing procedures for
lives fire excerices
When collecting info and materials for use in a presention the instructor should
cite all sources in case someone challenges him or her
An important part of a lesson plan that indicates for whom the lesson plan was developed is the
level of instruction
The purpose of the presention step of the instrucional process is to
present new skills and concepts
Which of the following statements is not true  regarding the fuctions of a lesson plan.
A ensure continutity when more then 1 teacher must teach from them
B promote uniformity in all courses taught
C Act as a guide to instructors for delivery and evaluations.
D They are a rigid procedure that must be followed for sucessful teaching.
D They are a rigid procedure that must be followed for sucessful teaching.
The law of _________ states that no one will ever become proficent and any skill without preforming the operation.
Which seating arrangement is a good arrangment when instructing a small class composed of a small discussion group
hollow square or round tables
An instructor must be prepared for unanticipated situations including:
inclement weather, learning style differences, equipment variation.
An instructor must:
Lead or guide learners through a class
Have a desire to understand the needs of learners
A method of instruction used when students act out situations in know as
Role plating
the method of instruction where students gain practical experience with out real life risks is called
the greatest concern in the outdoor classroom enviroment is
parts of the evaluation process
have the student perform the job unassisted
asking prepared questions
have students critique other students performance
factors that prevent the reciever from fully recieving a message created by either internal or external sources are callled
it is the responsability of the fire service instructor to plan teaching methods so that the ideas are conveyed to the learner
through as many senses as practical
at the begining of a presentation, the instructor should clearly state:
the objective of the lesson
the basic instructional method to use when teaching a new skill is:
the communications process exists between 2 people who are known as the ______ and the _______
sender and reciever
approximately 83% of learning is a result of:
"the more true life the learning situation is, the greater the change in student behavior will be" illustrates the law of: 
The standard that provides health and safety guidance is:
NFPA 1500
In the learning enviroment, the student is:
the reciever
Which step of the communication process is considered the completion part?
the _____ is responsible for maintaining continuity throughout the training program
instructors can adjust their presentation to maximize learning outcomes by using:
A variety of presentations (e.g., videos, reading assignments) to reach a variety of learning domains
________ is a term that refers to the art of teaching adult learners
The instructor is constantly being observed by students, the impression made by the instructor will
Affect student response and learning initiative
an intensive kind of tutoring given to students to improve skills in a subject or activity is referred to as:
Which of the following is an effective mannerism of the instructor?
Foot tapping
Repetition of words
Floor pacing
An initial method for handling disruptive learners is to
counsel them according to guidlines
when troubleshooting a problem with a multimedia system you should
look for the simplest thing first and work your way through the system
in the training situation, the fire service instructor should
put safety ahead of course objectives
which standard establishes the policy for rehab during training
NFPA 1584
One of the drawbacks to projected instructional media is that:
they are an expensive investment
table top models are intended to
show operating principles
advantages of using ______ are that they are easy to use, inexpensive, and provide a permanent record
Easel pads
When developing a lesson plan using only a portion of a video tape the developer should include instructions to
cue the tape to the correct location prior to the start of class
Modules are best suited for
the advantages of using large projected images includeall of the following exept
high Quality
compatibility with existing technology
compatibility with existing technology
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