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A. Stratum Corneum

B.  Stratum Lucium (in palms and soles)

C.  Stratum Granulosum

D.  Stratum Spinosum

E.  Stratum Basale
A. Stratum corneum

B.  Stratum lucidum in palms and soles

C.  Stratum granulosum

D. Stratum Basale
A.  Stratum corneum

B.  Stratum Lucidum in soles and palms

C.  Stratum granulosum

D.  Stratum spinosum

E.  Stratum Basale
A.  Stratum Corneum

B.  Stratum Lucidum in palms and soles

C.  Stratum granulosum

D.  Stratum spinosum

E.  stratum basale
A.  Papillary Layer

B.  Reticular Layer
A.  Papillary Layer

B. Reticular layer
A.  Hypodermis Layer, not part of skin

B. Adipose tissue
Layers of the Dermis
Papillary (superficial dermal region) and reticular (deepest skin layer) layers
what is the type of connective tissue in the Papillary layer
areolar connective tissue
what is the type of tissue in the reticular layer?
dense irregular connective tissue
is the hypodermis part of skin?
what tissues is the hypodermis composed of?
adipose and areolar connective tissue
define keratinocytes
main cells of epidermis
what is the role keratin
produce keratin, a fibrous protien that gives skin its durability and protective capabilities
what are melanocytes
spidery black cells in stratum basal, produce melanin
role of melanin
the pigment that protects skin from UV damage
What are Langerhan's cells
epidermal dendritic cells, in stratum spinosum
where do langerhan's cells come from
microphages that migrated from the bone marrow that phagocytize pathogens

they are immunologic survellance cells
How do we get fingerprints?
from dermis papillary layer, the dermal papillae and epidermal ridge creat fingerprints
dermal papilla
in dermis papillary layer, fingerlike projections from teh superior surface
epidermal ridge
the epidermal layer that dips down into dermal papillae
Cleavage lines
deep creases (like palm) where collagen and elastic fibers are in parallel bundles
hair root
everything not sticking out of skin
hair follicle
surrounds root

external and internal root sheath
Hair bulb
active growing site
Hair papilla
very bottom portion of hair follicle that contains the blood supply and matrix
function of arrector pili muscle
pull hair upright during fight or cold
dermal papilla and epidermal ridge
A.Sweat Pore follicle

C.Eccrine (merocrine) gland

D. apocrine gland
apocrine sweat gland secretes...
into hair follicles or directly on surface
apocrine sweat gland creates...
a protein and fat rich substance that bacteria can use for nutrients, causes body odor
location of apocrine sweat glands
armpits, around nipples, pubic region
eccrine sweat glands aka merocrine sweat glands
not associated with hair follicles, ducts open directly on surface of epidermis
mammary glands
type of serous gland?
ceruminous glands
glands in auditory canal, produce earwax
what does a sebaceous gland secrete?
oily substance called sebum
function of sebum
helps water proof skin
sebaceous follicle
not associated with hair follicle

secrete directly on skin surface

where are sebaceous follicles located on body
face, back, chest, nipples, external genitalia
where are the pacinian corpuscle
deep in dermis
function of pacinian corpuscle
monitor high frequency vibrations
where is meissner's corpuscle found
dermal papillae
where are merkel cells located
stratum basale
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