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What section of the instruction lists courses that have been designated as "high-risk"?
What is a "DOR" and the procedures for conducting one?
Drop on Request. It is administrative procedure available to students in voluntary training programs. That student shall be removed from training expeditiously.
What is a Training Time Out "TTO" and the procedures for conducting one?
It is a safety procedure that allows students and instructors concerned for their personal safety or the safety of others to stop a training evolution, correct the discrepancy, and continue training.
What are some procedures you can use to signal a "TTO"
Hands used to form a "T"

Sound off with "Time Out"

A red "T" is marked across the student's forhead.
What is the purpose of the Emergency Action Plan (EAP) and how often must it be reviewed for accuracy of information?
EAP is used in the event of any injury, mishap, or emergency.

EAP shall be reviewed monthly for accuracy of information.

How often should EAP be fully exercised?
High/moderate risk training Emergency Action Plans shall be exercised annually, including participation by appropriate local emergency personnel.
How often are safety stand-downs required?
Stand-downs shall be conducted at least annually.
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