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According to the 1994 Americans with Disabilities Act
companies of more than 15 employees must be careful not to screen out disabled applicants who have the capacity to carry out the job
is the practice of promoting exclusively from within a firm
the practice of showing favoritism to relatives and close friends
Seniority refers to
longevity on a job or with a firm
For an atmosphere of fairness to be created two principles must be followed:
Due process and just cause
Lay-offs refer to
temporary unemployment experienced by hourly workers
is a result of poor performance
Job screening involves:
attracting applicants who have a good chance of qualifying for the job, and weeding out those who would not
Montana (In 1987 )
became the first and only state to hold that employees could not be fired without good cause
The Wagner Act of 1935
prohibits the firing of employees for union activities
The Employee Polygraph Protection Act:
forbids the use of polygraphs in pre-employment testing
What percentage of employees are disengaged?
A Gallup poll shows that 71% of all employees are disengaged.
Critics call OSHA:
a "toothless tiger" as it is too lenient
The Hawthorne Effect
is the phenomenon that workers would be more productive if management met needs that money could not buy
Theory X
belief that workers dislike work and will do what they can to avoid it
Theory Z
Japanese-style management approach
Theory Y
belief that workers like work and don't try to dodge responsibility
The Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986:
restricts government or unauthorized parties from eavesdropping on email, faxes, and telephone conversations.
The most popular personality test is:
the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau
about 5,000 workers a year are killed on the job.
In 1954 the U.S. Supreme Court decided in Brown v. Board of Education
that racially segregated schooling was unconstitutional
One person who opposes the doctrine of comparable worth is:
Phyllis Schlafly
In Grutter v. Bollinger the U.S. Supreme Court
upheld the affirmative action program at the University of Michigan's law school
The Equal Pay Act
was passed in 1963
According to the U.N.
American Hispanics come in 35th in standards of living
Quid pro quo sexual harassment occurs when:
a supervisor makes an employee's employment opportunities conditional on entering into a sexual relationship or granting sexual favors
In United Steelworkers of America v. Weber:
an affirmative action program which had quotas was upheld
The doctrine of comparable work holds that:
women and men should be paid on the same scale not only for doing the same or equivalent jobs but for different jobs involving equal skill, effort, and responsibility
Women are also clustered in poorer-paying jobs that are referred to as
pink-collared occupations
The first major ruling on affirmative action
was in 1978 in Bakke v. Board of Regents of the University of California
JC Penny
recalled radios that might catch fire
The most important government agency involved in ensuring product safety is:
the Consumer Product Safety Commission
Legal paternalism is the view that:
the law can restrict the freedom of individuals for their own good
the use of superlatives and praise
An express warranty is:
an explicitly stated claim
MacPherson v. Buick Motor Car case
changed the legal rule that consumers could only recover damages from retailer
Price gouging occurs when:
a seller exploits a short-term situation when buyers have few options to buy a needed product by raising its prices
Horizontal price fixing occurs when:
companies agree to adhere to a price schedule
Vertical price fixing occurs when:
manufacturers and retailers agree to set prices
Promotional pricing
can be manipulative
William T. Blackstone argues that:
persons have a right to a livable environment
Ecological economists
holds that traditional market pricing often fails to capture the costs of nonmarket externalities
Ecology refers to:
the science of the interrelationships among organisms and their environments
The Clean Air Act was passed in:
An ecosystem is:
a total ecological community that is structured by webs of interdependency
Free-rider problems arise because:
of the temptation to shirk individual responsibilities
Almost 25% of the global greenhouse gas emission comes from
the United States
Jeremy Bentham was a:
According to utilitarians, animals can count morally because they are:
One disadvantage to using incentives to encourage firms to pollute less is that such programs:
work slowly
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