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Constant Rule
d/dx[c] = 0
Power Rule
d/dx[xn] = nxn-1
Constant Multiple Rule
d/dx[cu] = cu'
Sum Rule
d/dx[u+v] = u'+v'

Same for [u-v]
Product Rule
d/dx[u*v] = u'v+uv'
Quotient Rule

Chain Rule
d/dx[f(u)] = f'(u)*u'
Derivative of Sin
d/dx[sin x] = cos(x)

Derivative of Tangent
d/dx[tan x] = sec2x
Derivative of Secant
d/dx[sec x] = sec x tan x
"Negative Co" Rule for Trig
The derivatives for the "co" functions are the opposite [negative] for the "primary' functions.
Derivative of ex
d/dx[ex] = ex
Derivative of ln x
d/dx[ln x] = 1/x
Derivative of ax
d/dx[ax] = ax ln[a]
Derivative of logax
d/dx[logax] =

(ln a) x
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