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A comprehensive Life Safety Education Program should be part of what?
The department's year around fire prevention managment efforts
The reqiuired changes for a life safety education program are:
A change to human attitude

A change to human behavior
What are the FIVE PRIMARY RESOURCES availible for managment to consider?
Human Resources

Financial Resources

Physical Resources

Information Resources

Time Resources
What NFPA standard covers Proffessional Qualifications for Public Fire and Life Safety Educator?
NFPA 1035
What are the three levels of Public Fire and Life Safety Educators?
Level 1 - ability to cordinate and deliver existing educational programs

Level 2 - ability to prepare educational programs and information

Level 3 -educators who create, administer and evaluate educationalprograms and information
What questions should you consider during your research?
What types of fires or injuries have occured?

How frequently did these incident happen?

What was the cause of the fire or injury?

Are there any identifiable fire trends or patterns?
The implementation of _____________ concepts has allowed departments to gain public support and form a closer relationship with their communities.
Customer Service
Public Relations

What is the process of informing the public
Public Information
Public Relations

What is the process of changing people's atitude and behavior
Public Education
What is the process of developing a positive public perception about the fire department, its members programs and services?
Public Relations
Significant Federal Law affecting employee\'s rights
Title VII of The Civil Rights Act of 1964
What age group was The Civil Rights Act expanded to cover?
Workers age 40 - 70 and pregnant women.
The Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects what rights for workers?
Race, color, religion, sex and national origin.
What executive order encouraged employers to prepare plans to activly seek out minorities and women?
Executive Order 11246
What legislation governs work schedules and establishes the right of employees to recieve time-and-one-half for overtime?
The Fair Labor Standards Act
What guidlines require any testing method used for hiring or promotion procedures to be validated?
The Uniform Guidlines for Employee Selection Procedures (UGESP)
What DoD Instruction outlines DoD Fire and Emergency Services Program?
DoD Instruction 6055.6
What DoD Instruction outlines DoD Fire and Emergency Services Certification Program?
DoD Instruction 6055.6-M
NFPA ____ sets the standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications
NFPA 1021
NFPA 1021 establishes the _____________ minimum qualifications for Fire Officers in the form of job performance requirments
NFPA _____, Standard for Developing Fire Protection Services for the Public requiresinternal and lateral entry candidates for fire officers to meet the requirments of NFPA 1201
NFPA 1201
What NFPA establishes the number of fire fighters required for various types of fire companies and operations?
NFPA 1710
What instruction provieds the minimum staffing requirments for DoD Fire and Emergency Services?
DoDI 6055.6
ARFF apparatus require how many personnel?
Structural and aerial apparatus require how many personnel?
What are some common factors affecting the scheduling and deployment of human resources?
Hours to be covered
State and Federal mandates
Negotiated Agreements
Number of funded positions
Employee fatigue
Employee capabilities
Task to be accomplished
Time Allocated for tasks
Required level of safety
The basic premisis of staffing is to make assignments that enable a department to do what?
Accomplish its mission and reach its goals
As fire departments move away from traditonal testing, what are some of the other criterion being used for promotions?
Assesment Centers

Formally structured interviews

Practical performance tests
An assesment center is conducted by placing goups of candidates though a series of what relevant to their position?
written and oral interactions
What are practical performance and written tests monitored for?
Who will investigate claims of advers impact or discriminitation if complaints are filed on tests?
A ____________ must be completed before hiring procedures are developed and someone is hired.
a comprehensive job analysis
When hiring firefighter and junior level officer positions the emphasis is often placed on what?
Qualifications and expirience
When hiring senior level fire officers the emphasis should be placed on what?
Information technology systems simplify and assist in completeing what tasks and responsibilities?
Computer Aided dispatch

Locating new fire stations

Creating fire spread models
What data can be related to fire incidence and emergency medical services
Boundaries have an impact on what three things?
Fire Station Locations
Response Times
Service demands
What data should be collected for building and occupancy data?
Occupancy classification and location
Type of construction
Alarm and suppression systems
Height and total area of the building
Exposure seperation
 Occupant load and occupant mobility
How many year of financial data to assess current requirments and future needs?
three to five years
What sources of data are considered INTERNAL SOURCES?
Fire Prevention Office
Civil Engineering
Finance Office
Legal Office
Civilian Personnel Office
What sources of data are considered EXTERNAL SOURCES?
Support Agencies
US Fire Administration
National Fire Academy
What is the most important step in the collection of data process?
Define a Register Agency
Submitted application for registration
May remain a registered agencyt for three years
What is an Applicant Agency?
An agency ready to make the commitment to accredidation
How long is an accredidation good for?
5 years
What are the TEN main catagories for a SOC?
Governance and Administration
Assessment and Planning
Goals and Objectives
Financial Resources
Physical Resources
Humand Resources
Training and Competenay
Essential Resources
External Systems Relationships
What is a baseline?
A database from which something can be judged.
Current and historical performance of the agency.
What is a benchmark?
A standard from which something can be judged.
Future performance goals
Industry best practaces
Targets for improvments
When evaluating data for trends or patterns and to see if goals/objectives have been met, what might you look for in regards to change?
Rates of change
Direction of change
Nature of change
Reason for change
Amounts of change
What are examples of EXHIBITS?
Standard Operating Procedures
Strategic Plans
 Journals and logs
Monthly and annual reports
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