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Birth - 1 year
Trust vs. Mistrust
Positive = Trusts self and others
Negative = Demonstrates an inability to trust; withdrawal, isolation.
1 - 3 years
Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt
Positive = Excercises self-control & influences the environment directly
Negative = Demonstrates defiance and negativism
3-6 years
Initiative vs. Guilt
Pos = Begins to evalutate own behavior, learns limits.
Neg = Demonstrates fearful, pessimistic behaviors, lacks self-confidence.
6-12 years
Industry vs. Inferiority
Pos = Develops sense of confidence; uses creative energiest to influence environment.
Neg = Demonstrates feelings of inadequacy, mediocrity, and self-doubt.
12-20 years
Identity vs. Role Diffusion
Pos = Develops cohert sense of self; plans for a future fo work/education.
Neg = Demonstrates inability to develop personal and vocational identity.
20-35 years
Intimacy vs. Isolation
Pos = Develops connections to work & intimate relationships.
Neg = Demonstrates an avoidance of intimacy & vocational career commitments.
35-65 years
Generativity vs. Stagnation
Pos = Involved w/ established family; expands personal creativity and productivity.
Neg = Demonstrates lack of interests, commitments. Preoccupation with self-centered concerns.
65 + years
Integrity vs. Despair
Pos = Identification of life as meaninful
Neg = Demonstrates fear of death; life lacks meaning
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