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Coronary Ateries supply what?
The capillaries of the myocardium with blood
The normal fibrinogen level for men is ?
180 to 340
The normal fibrinogen level for women is?
190 to 420 mg/dL
A client with a MI suddently become tachycardic, air hungry, and is coughin frothy pink tinged sputum. When listening to the lung sound,what do you expect to hear
Which nerve if stimulated will slow the heart rate?
Vagus nerve
A pt with hyperkalemia; what would be noted on a cardiac monitor
Narrow and peak T wave
What differentiate Parcarditis from cardiopulmonary problems
-A pericardial friction rub is heard when there is inflammation of the pericardial sac during the inflammatory phase of pericarditis -Chest pain that worsens on inspiration is characteristic of both pericarditis and pleurisy
How can you tell if a heart patient is tolerating exercise well?
-Absence of chest pain or dyspnea -A pulse rate INCREASES of less than 20 beats/min - Blood pressure change of less than 10 mm Hg.
To ensure accurate lipids levels before they are drawn the pt should be...what ?
NPO for 12 hours
What is the initial treatment for Atrial fibrillation
The initial treatment goal when atrial fibrillation suddenly occurs is to control the rate of impulses with the administration of medications, such as diltiazem (Cardizem), verapamil (Calan), beta-blockers, or digoxin
What is a critial level for fibrinogen
- below 100
What are the signs of Cardiogenic shock
-Increased Pulse ( weak and thready) -Decreased BP -Decreased urine output -Signs of cerebral ischemia (confusion and aggitation) -Cool and clammy skin
Define Cor pulmonale
Right ventricular hypertorphy or failure secondary to disease of the lung, pulmonary vessles or chest wall
What are manifestations of Right sided heart failure?
Peripheral edema (dependent) -Jugular vein distention
What are the manifestations of Left sided heart failure?
-Dyspnea -Cyanosis -Substernal pain Syncope on exertion
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