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Fungus is the causitive agent for what skin disorder(s)?
1. tinea capitis 2. tinea corporis 3. tinea cruris 4. tinea pedis 5. versicolor
How do you assess for cyanosis in a person with dark skin?
Assess mucous membranes, lips, palms of hands, soles of feet, underside of forearms, abdomen and buttocks
Which is the most appropriate test for diagnosing rashes?
KOH (Potassium Hydroxide) Prep - used to facilitate the observation of fungal forms, the potassium hydroxide destroys most cellular material /debris and allows the yeast, fungus, cells, or components to be more easily seen.
What is a priority intervention when providing care to patients with cellulitis?
PAIN is number one priority and then prevent the spread of disease
Which body area/region is most absorbent in relation to the application of topical ointments?
What stage of pressure ulcer has full-thickness skin loss with extensive destruction, tissue necrosis, or damage to muscle, bone, or supporting structures?
Stage 4
List interventions that a patient can take to prevent reinfection with tinea pedis:
Use of RUBBER SANDALS in public showers, feet should be cleaned and dried thoroughly, paying special attention to toes. Wearing sandal-toe shoes or going barefoot helps decrease moisture. Footwear, such as stocking need to be of an absorbent material.
Describe the effect of Carbon Monoxide on blood cells:
Carbon monoxide binds to hemoglobin in place of oxygen, therefore tissue hypoxia results.
Describe what type of skin reaction might occur if a person is having a reaction to medication(s)?
Uticaria, papules, priuritis
Describe the steps involved in performing the occlusive method of treatment for a client with burns:
Maintain room temperature at 85°
Discuss various points to emphasize when providing patient teaching for psoriasis:
Healthy lifestyle changes, nature of disease, correct application of treatment modality, compliance with medical care, disease is not curable.
List contraindications for Kwell:
Not used in children or anyone weighing less than 110 lbs.
What life threatening effect would an electrically related burn have on a client?
Cardiac arrest and dysrythmias
Describe the proper use of Dextronomer:
Effective in WET WOUNDS only. Dextranomer-small beads of highly hydrophilic dextron polymers, used in debridement of wounds, such as venous stasis ulcers; the sterilized beads are poured over secreting wounds to ABSORB WOUND EXUDATES and prevent crust formation
Large amounts of urine output in a burn patient might signal what condition?
Fluid overload
What is one of the interventions for impetigo and how is it performed?
Prevent spread of infection with good handwashing
What is the first intervention for dermatitis venenata?
Wash the affected part immediately
Describe Impetigo:
HONEY CRUSTED, itching, very contagious. Lesions start as small, flat blemishes that are flush with the skin surface that develop into pustulant vesicles (small, curcumscribes elevations of the skin that contain pus) that rupture and form a dried honey crusted exudate.
List side effects of Salicylic acid:
Tinnitis, local irritation, erythema, scaling
Which stage of pressure ulcer has full-thickness skin loss involves damage or necrosis of subcutaneous tissue that may extend down to but not through the underlying facia?
Stage 3
Describe the proper way to apply Elimite:
Leave in hair for 10 minutes before rinsing
Keeping the skin hydrated is important for what type(s) of skin disorder(s)?
Psoriasis and Eczema
What antiinfective agent is useful in delaying the progression of Herpes?
Acyclovir (Zovirax)
What causes are responsible for “contact dermatitis”?
Medications, detergents, soaps, industrial chemicals, and plants such as poison ivy.
Liquid nitrogen is a treatment effective in treating which skin disorder?
Seborrheic keratoses - common benign growths of unknown cause seen in adults due to a thickening of an area of the top skin layer. Most often liquid nitrogen (cryosurgery) is sprayed on the spots, and produces blisters that lift up the seborrheic keratosis.
What is folliculitis?
An infection of a hair follicle
Describe “supperation” of a lesion:
Production of purulent material (creates a head)
What is the purpose of debriding a wound?
To prevent infection and to promote healing
What is important to ensure before applying Dakin’s Solution?
Allergy to sodium hypochlorite and solutions should be discarded 24 hours after opening and replaced with fresh solution because they can harbor microorganism growth.
What is first line treatment for psoriasis?
Emolients, topical steroid ointments and coal tar applicationsare used in occlusive wet dressing to decrease inflammation
How do cool, wet dressings and baths help with pruritis?
VASOCONSTRICTION - Cold compresses may be applied to decrease circulation to the area.
Describe how Myoflex helps with arthritis pain:
It works as a local anesthetic.
What is the method used to assess burn size?
Rule of Nines: (ADULT)- head 9%, arms 9%, anterior leg 9%, posterior leg 9%, chest and back 18% each, perinium 1%
Explain how to examine the skin for petechiae:
Visual inspection and blanch the skin
What do you assess for when determining whether a lesion is malignant or not?
ABCDE = assymetry, borders, color, diameter and elevation
Describe the proper application method for Finbrinolysin and Elase for an ulcer.
Placed over the ulcer with PETROLEUM JELLY to break down necrotic tissue.
What would be the therapeutic effect of acyclovir?
Reduces the pain and duration of the virus
Describe the proper way to administer Nitrofurazone to a burn injury:
When changing dressings, the nurse removes all old medication and eschar and then applies a thin film of med (1/16 inch)
What stage of pressure ulcer has partial-thickness skin loss involving epidermis, dermis, or both. Ulcer is superficial and manifests clinically as an abrasion, blister or shallow crater?
Stage 2
What is important to assess for in patient’s with s/s of burns to the upper chest?
Respiratory distress
What is a carbuncle?
A cluster of furuncles
Describe “spider angioma”
Flat, red, a group of venous capillaries dilate ad branch out like a spider--will resolve as the disease improves. Associated with liver disease.
Describe “tinea corporus”:
Rash with circular patches and raised red borders.
What is the simplest, most effective preventative method for avoiding the development of melanomas?
Apply sunscreen
“Shave bumps” would otherwise be known as...
Describe side effects of coal tar:
Foul odor, stains, local irritation, photosensitivity, dermatitis and allergic reactions
(BLANK) is the cause of most (BLANK) among burn patients
Infection is the most common cause of death after the first 72 hours
Describe how Herpes Simplex 2 outbreaks differ:
Type 2 genital herpes is more PAINFUL, produces various types of vesicles that rupture and encrust, causing ulcerations. Flulike symptoms occur 3-4 days after the vesicles erupt. HA, fatigue, myalgia, elevated temperature and anorexia are present 2-3 weeks and most painful during first week.
Why is it important to remove jewelry from burn victims?
What critical physiological event occurs 12 hours after suffering severe burns?
In a burn injury, usually the greatest FLUID LOSS occurs within the first 12 hours
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