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what is the primary fuction of the ships firemain
to supply sea water to fight fires
what type of fire main do we have
composite loop
what services are provided by the fire main
magazine sprinklers, emergency electronic cooling water, eductors, CMWD, decon showers, and blasting
what is the standard length of a standard navy firefighting hose
how many fire hose are located on a camel back at a fire station
what portable eductors do we have on board
electric submersible pump, big peri-jet, small peri-jet, p-100
describe the electric submersible pump
centrifigual pump, 3 phase ac/dc motor, usses 440V, water cooled
when the electric submirsible pumps are used in tandum, which one gets started first and by who
energize bottom pump first by a qualified electrician
how many GPM will an electrical submersible pump with a 70ft static head? a 50ft static head?
140 GPM/180GPM
how many jets does the small and big peri-jets have
the big peri-jet has what size inlet/suction/discharge
2.5in inlet/ 3in suction/ 4in discharge
what is the primary use of the p-100? the secondary use?
to fight fires in situations of lost/ no firemain available/ secondary is to dewater
how many p-100 do we have onboard and where are they
3- FWD line handeling spons, main deck CO ladder strb, AFT STBD line handling sponson
what type of gas does a p-100 use
1.45gal of JP-5
how many GPm does a p-100 produce at 83PSI while lifting 20ft
name 4 types of pipe patching we can preform
soft patch, banding patch, EWARP, jubilee
name the materials needed to preform a soft patch
hacksaw, wood saw, wedges, oakum, rubber, hammer, marlin
what does EWARP stand for
emergency water activated repair patch
how long does it take an EWARP to cure once it is applied to a ruptured pipe
approximately 30min
what size diameter should a plug be if plugging a 6in hole in a bulkhead or deck
atleast 8in
what 4 types of wood are used for shoring on navy ships? why
douglas fir, yellow pine, hemlock, spruce/ because it is easy to cut through, light, and swells when wet
name two types of shoring
wood, metal
name three types of wooden shoring
direct compression(I-type), cross axial(H-type), triangulation(K-type)
what is the maximum working length of a shore
30 times the minimum butt thickness(30X4=120in)
when calculating the length of a shore how much is deducted for wedges
1/2 in
what is the calculation when determing the length of a wooden wedge
6x its minimum butt thickness
what 2 sizes of steel shores do we have
3-5ft, 6-11ft
both models have what kind of working load when fully retracted
what are the advantage of steel shoring
fire proof, stronger, faster to shore, can be welded, tighter than wood, no wedges required
what is the definition of shole
a flat plate which may be used at the end of a shore to distribute weigh or pressure evenly
name the 3 parts of a carpenters square
tounge(held in left hand), heel, body
name 6 fire extinguishing agents that can be found onboard
water, halon(1301, bromotrifloromethane, CO2, AFF, PKP( potassium Bicarbonate), APC(aqueous potassium carbonate)
name the parts of the fire tetrahedron
fuel, heat, oxygen, uninhibited chemical reaction
name three types of fuels
liquid, solid, gas
what spaces are covered by halon
FWD & AFT EDG, hazmat store rooms, pump rooms 2 & 3, 1B shaft alley
what spaces are covered by CO2 flooding
pump rooms, 1B shaft alley, hazmat store rooms
how is halon flooding sys activated
pull pin on a 5lb co2 bottle and hold
how is co2 flooding sys activated
break glass, pull T-handle until you see red
what is the delay time for all co2 and halon flooding sys onboard
30 seconds
how many AFF stations are onboard
how many AFF stationare injection only
what is the fog foam cicuit
how many gal of AFF will the AFF stations tanks hold? reserve tanks?
600gal, 3500gal
what should you use to combat a small class "b" fire from a fire plug
 in-line eductors and 5gal buckets of AFFF
what is the mixing ration of AFFF to sea water
94% sea water 6% AFFF
what two sizes of PKP bottles do we have
18lbs(effective up to 19ft(5 1/4oz CO2) and 27lbs(effective up to 21ft(8 1/4oz CO2)
what sys is activated for a deep fat fryer fire in the galley
what tempature does the fuseable link melt
360degrees F
what is the NIFTI
naval infared firefighters thermal imager
what 2 modes does the NIFTI have
PAN(you scan), CHOP(you stop)
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