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How many pounds are in a kg?
What do you need to convert mcg/kg/min to mL/hr?
concentration of the medication

patients weight
When adding or subtracting the sum has how many decimal places?
The least number of decimal places in the equation.
What zero's are sig figs?
Only to the right of the first non zero number.
When multiplying or divinding, the product must have how many sig figs?
The product must have the fewest number of sig figs.
What kind of balance does a pharmacy need to be licensed in MD?
Class A
How do you weigh or take volume measurments of small quantities or volumes?
What does Rx mean?
What is required on a retail prescription?
-Prescriber info and sig

-Pt. info

-Date written

-Rx symbol


-Instructions to pharmacist

-Special instructions
What is CMS?
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services.
What is the recommendation about drug names?
No drug names should be abbreviated
What is not approved for use by the official joint commission?
U(unit), iu(international unit), (trailing zero's), (qd), (qod), drug abbreviations.
What is tall man lettering?
Uppercase part of the med name to avoid errors
What are the essential parts of an institutional prescription?
-Medication name




-Indication(for any prn medication)

-Rate of administration(for continuous infusion product)
How many mLs are in a fluid dram?
How many mLs are in a fluid ounce?
What is NS?
Normal Saline or 0.9% sodium chloride
What is D5W?
Dextrose 5% in water
What is LR?
Lactated Ringers
What strength is 1/2NS?
0.45% sodium chloride
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