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Who were the Mesoamericans
inhabitants of present day mexico and central america
what is neolithic and when did it occur
\\\"greek for new stone
what is systematic agriculture
shift of hunting animals and gathering food to keeping animals and growing food on a regular basis
who is uruk
an independent city in southern mesopetamia
where is the fertile crescdent
streched from the mediterranean sea to persian gulf
who invented the wheel
who were the first to use iron
what are pastoral nomads
domesticated animals for both food and clothing
why was judaism different from other religions
it was monotheistic which is where you only believe in one supreme being. While others had many gods
who led israel at the hight of its power
king solomon
what is montheism
a religion based on one supreme god
who were the phoenicians
lived in the area of palistine along the mediteranean
what is a prophet
messenger of god
who are satraps
\\\"\\\"\\\"protector of the kingdom\\\"\\\" the govenor of a province of the persian empire under Daruis\\\"
what is Zoroastrianism
a very original religion brought up by the persians
who is darius
\\\"ruled persia from 521 to 486 BC
what are satrapies
the 20 provinces Darius divided the empire into
who was octavian
\\\"first roman emperor
what is a dictator
an absolute ruler
who created the caste system and what is it
\\\"ancient indean people
what is hinduism
a major indian religious system which had its orgins in the religious beliefs of the aryans
what is harappa and mohenjodara
indians first civilizations
what is aryabhata
\\\"the most famous math matician
what is stupa
people who travel to religious sites are called
type of religious structure originally ment to house relics
what is censorate
part of the chinese burocracy that made sure government officials were doing their jobs
who is liu bang
founder of the han dynasty that quickly took over the empire
what is regime
government in power
who is siddhartha gautama
founder of buddhism
what was the silk road
trade rout between roman empire and china
who were the aryans
indo european nomads
where are the himalaya
north india
what is reincarnation
rebirth of an individuals soul in a different form after death
what is karma
force generated by a persons actions that determines how the person wil be reborn the next life
who desired the silk that traveled along the silk road
the romans
how did the assyrians communicate
relays of horses
what was the first empire in world history
\\\"akkadian empire
what is hammurabi remembered for
his code of the law based on a system of strict justice
what is hieratic script
\\\"simplified verson of hieroglyphics used for buisness
what are the 10 lost tribes
scattered isrealite tribes
what persian emperor extended the empire to the largest empire in the world
how were the persians able to have an efficiant system of communication
\\\"set up a network of posts
what is theocracy
government by devine authority
who invented cuneiform and what is it
\\\"summerians \\\"\\\"wedge shaped\\\"\\\" writing\\\"
what are the beliefs of daoism
\\\"system of ideas based on Laozi\\\'s teachings
what is hoplite
heavily armed foot soldiers in the early greek military
what is polis
early greek city state consisting of a city or town and its surrounding territory
what is the agora
an oppen area that served as a gathering place and a market
what is the first greek city state
what is an oligarchi
\\\"the rule of the few
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