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within the U.S. what is the official medical licensing exam for phycisians. Is issued if you pass the exam, graduate from an accredited school and complete an internship
Federal Licensing Exam: FLEX
is a single licensing exam for graduates from accredited medical schools that allows them to practice medicine. Was introduced in 1992
U.S. Medical Liceensing Examination: USMLE
most Dr.s are licensed by who have successfully passed the NBME exam are granted a license by
Employee\'s Duty to Carry Out Orders
a. have a duty to interpret and carry out orders of Dr. b. expected to know basic info concerning procedures and drugs that may be used c. has a duty to clarify the Dr.\'s orders when they are ambiguous or erroneous d. if the procedure or drug appears dangerous for the pt., has a duty to decline to carry out the orders and to immediately notify the Dr.
Employer\' s Duty to Employees
a. have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for their employees and staff b. most have liability insurance to cover any injuries that are work-related c. may bond employees who handle money.
According to the Medical Patients Rights Act, patient info must be communicated
on a need-to-know basis
Standard of care refers to
a. ordinary skill b. type of care given to pt.s by other practioners in the same locality
Both physicians and employees operate
under a standard of care
The Prudent Person Rule is also called
the reasonable person standard
the advantage of a coorporation is that it
a. offers protection from loss of individual assests b. may offer fringe benefits c. will remain in effect after the death of a member
the American College of Surgeons confers a fellowship degree upon its applicants
b. when they complete additional training c. when they have documentation of 50 surgjcal cases during the previous three years
provides accteditation for programs such as medical assisting, EMT, PA\'s, and RT\'s
Who handles issues relating to physician registration within a state
State Board of Registration or State Board of Medical Examiners
these state acts seek to protect patients from harm caused by persons who are not qualified to practice medicine
Medical Practice Acts
an approval or sanction
the coorporation of one state in granting a license to practice medicine to a Dr. already licensed in another state
a Dr. employed by the VA hospital or Public Health Service wellness center can practice
in any state
take away
Reasons for suspension or revocation of license
a. unprofrossional conduct b. inappropriate use of drugs and alcohol c. gross immorality d. falsifying records e. Crimes include Medicaid/Medicare fraud, rape, murder, larceny, narcotics convictions f. personal incapacity
If a Dr. is certified in a particular speciality area, what title do they earn
Board certified
Who has the certified MA (CMA) met the standards and requirements of
a voluntary process by which an agency is requested to officially review healthcare institutions to determine competence
examines the policies and procedures of the organization being accredited
refers to the ordinary skill and care that medical practioners must use. This level of expertise is commonly used by other practioners in the same medical speciality when caring for pt.s
Standard of Care
means that a healthcare professional, usually a Dr., must provide info to the pt. that a reasonable, prudent person would want before he or she makes a decision about treatment or refusal of treatment
Prudent Person Rule
refers to keeping private all info about a pt. and not disclosing it to a third party without the pt.\'s written consent
refers to the period of time that a pt. has to file a lawsuit. Typically one to three years except for murder; there is no time limit
Statute of Limitations
begins when the problem is discovered or should have been discovered, which may be some time after the actual treatment
discovery rule
an adult to in the court on behalf of a child in litigation
guardian ad litem
is a state law that varies from state to state
statute of limitations
state laws that help to protect from liability healthcare professionals and ordinary citizens who provide emergency care to an accident victim
Good Samaritan Laws
latin phrase meaning \"let the master answer\". Means an employer is liable for acts of the employee within the scope of employment
Respondeat superior
every employee in a medical setting must clearly understand and perform activities that are within their qualifications or certifications
Scope of Practice
assigning a person to oversee the functions of the healthcare team
Chain of Command
a special type of insurance made with a bonding company that covers employees who handle financial statements, records and cash
practicing medicine without a license
nonrenewal of license
The statute of limitations varies somewhat from state to state but is typically
one to three years
Respondeat superior means
the employer is liable for the actions of the employee
Patient\'s rights to have their personal privacy respected and their medical records handled with confidentiality is covered in the
Medical Patients Rights Act
The Prudent Person Rule refers to
the information that a reasonable pt. would need
When a Dr. places an ambiguous order, the healthcare professional
a. can decline to carry out the order c. should immediately notify the Dr.
the practice that minimizes the incidence of problem behavior that might result in injury to the pt. and liability for the organization is called
risk management
JCAHO provides what to hospitals and other healthcare instititions that have met certian standards and criteria
an employer is liable for the actions of the employee within the scope of employment according to the principle of
respondeat superior
offers subscribers (members) complete medical care in return for a fixed monthly fee
fixed-payment plan Ex. HMO\'s\'
a party other than the pt. who assumes resposibility for paying the pt.\'s bills
third-party payers Ex. insurance companies
the person, such as a primary care phycisian, or entity, such as an insurance company, that approves pt. referrals to other physicians or services
a type of medical plan that pays for and manages the medical care a patient receives
Managed care organization: MCO
predetermined fee
capitation rate
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