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Crile Clamp (hemostat) - Full serrations- TRAMATIC
Adson Clamp (Schnidt) Used in tonsil removal TRAMATIC
Allis Clamp/forcep- Meant for delicate but can tear bowel ATRAMATIC
Babcock Forceps - used for bowel ATRAMATIC
Mosquito Clamp (Snaps/Tags) Used for smaller anatomy TRAMATIC
Penetrating Towel Clamp- Clamp towels to towels TRAMATIC
Right Angle (mixter) TRAMATIC
Adson clamp with teeth- used to close skin TRAMATIC
Adson Brown forcep- TRAMATIC
Debakey Forcep- Has one centered row of serrations ATRAMATIC
#3 knife handle can hold blades #10, 11,12,15,20
#7 Knife handle- Can hold blades #15 and 11 (more delicate hand blades)
Ferris Smith forcep- Heavy tooth and round center TRAMATIC
Poole suction tip- only sucks up fluids
Russian forcep- Lung and object removal ATRAMATIC
Sponge clamp (sponge stick or Ring forcep) Can grab lung,bladder, bowel ATRAMATIC
Yankauer suction- Direct suction
Kelly Clmap 1/2 serrations in jaw TRAMATIC
Mayo Clamp (peon clamp) Full serrations TRAMATIC
Glassman Clamp (bowel clamp) will not crush ATRAMATIC
Kocher clamp (ochsner) has teeth full serrated used to grabbing tissue TRAMATIC
Non penetrating towl clamp
Bonnie Forcep- pattern on handle and heavy tooth - TRAMATIC
Tissue forcep with teeth (rat tooth)  TRAMATIC
Smooth tissue forcep with out teeth- serrated inside jaw ATRAMATIC
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