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When is the IRS Form 8300 Required?
When bond is 10000.01 or more AND D or surety posts 10000.01 in cash AND the underlying charge is a drug offense OR money laundering or gambling offense
True or False? A Magistrate may accept prepayments for traffic offenses committed anywhere in VA.
Can a magistrate accept prepayments by mail?
May magistrates accept partial payments of prepayable offenses?
Must a magistrate have a copy of the summons to process a traffic prepayment?
Can a magistrate accept a traffic prepayment from a juvenile?
Only when the chief judge of the J&DR court so authorizes
Assuming juvenile traffic prepayments are authorized must parents still sign the plea sections of the summons?
What do emanicpated juveniles need to prepay traffic offenses?
Notarized Sworn Statement confirming the emancipated status.
What criminal offenses are prepayable?
Class 3 and 4 misdemeanors
Can juveniles prepay misdemeanors?
Are local ordinance violations from other jurisdictions prepayable?
What prepayment is required for hunting and fishing license violations?
An amount equaling the cost of the license D failed to purchase
How many fixed fees for multiple traffic infractions?
How many fixed fees for mixed traffic/criminal infractions?
Just One Misdemeanor Fixed Fee
What can defendants do to avoid an attachment summons in overweight situations?
Pay the liquidated damages and other associated penalties and fees
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