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What should a firefighter do when they arrive at a building?
Observe it for fire location
When should a fireghter identify escape route for a building?
Before entering it
What is not an acceptable way to mark a room that you have already searched
Leather strap on the inside of the handle
if you are lost what do you do after you accitvate your pass device
Lie down near a door or hallway
Who should attempt to rescue heavily trapped victims
Those specailly trained in that
What is the lifting compasity of most jacks
20 tons
What is the safest distance for a winch operator
Farther than the distance from theĀ  load
what is the max temp for an object near an airbag
200 degrees
How should firefighters park at an MVC
adjacent to the wreck for oncoming traffic
Approx how many MPH do SRS SIPS deploy
200 mph
How can firefighters prevent mechanically operated vehicle restraints from deploying
Sever the connection between the aribag and the inflation unit
which of the following procedures is recommended for windsheild removal
holding a backboard over the rescuers and victims
how far should a ladder protrude from a trench
3 ft
Should a firefighter attempt an elevator rescue
in what order of importance do you seach floors in a multi story building
fire floor, floor directly above and the topmost floor
what do you do with the door once you have searched a room
close it to prevent fire spread to that area
what is an inverter
converts a vehicles 12 or 24 volt DC into a 110 or 220 volt AC outlet
how many watts are on a portable light
300-1000 watts
how many watts are on fixed lighting
what is a junction box
is used when multiple outlets are needed
what is the psi and spread compacity of hydraulic spreaders
22,000 and 32 inches
what is the psi and spread compacity of hydraulic cutters
30,000 and 7 inches
what is the psi and spread compacity of hydraulic
15,000 and the largest of 63 inches
what psi does a pneumatic hammer work at
10-150 psi
how many tons are come alongs rated for
1-10 tons
what type of chains should be used in rescue work
alloy steal chains
how high can high presure air bags lift
20 inches and come in 6x6 up to 36x36
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