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In what size does soft sleeve hose range
2 1/2-6 in
what type of hose is usually hose to siphon water from one tank to another
hard suction
What hose type is made rubberized renforced material to withstand partial suction applications
hard sleeve
How much and what size are pumpers required to carry
400ft of attack line
what length of suction hose is a pumper required to carry
15ft of soft sleeve or 20ft of hard suction
which type of hose construction is prone to mildew
woven jacket
if woven jacket hose has not been moved in how many days does it need to be pulled and inspected
30 days
how often shoudl water be run through a woven jacket hose
90 days
What will not damage the rubber lining of a hose
baking soda
what should be used to clean a hose if exposed to harmful materials
baking soda
what should you use to clean a hose that has been exposed to oil
mild soap or detergent
What is the largest size hose that can be washed in a hose machine
3 inch
what type of metals make up hose couplings
brass, aluminum, and magnesium
what type of metal couplings are the weakest and rarley used
what type of coupling is needed when the coupling size is smaller than the hose to which it is attached
5 piece coupling
What type of lug is made to help slide over and around objects
rocker lugs
How can a ffr test a gasket
pinch the gasket between the thumb and index finger
what guidline should be followed regardless of the load used
the flat sides of the hose should be kept on the same plane when 2 sections of hose are connected
what is the primary advantage the horse-shoe hose load has
less sharp bends than the flat loads
where should the ffr start the hose lay for a large diameter hose
12 -18 inches from the front of the hose bed
where should preconnect hoselines not be placed
main hose bed
what type of lay is from the water source to the fire
forward lay
what is the disadvantage to the forward lay
an additional puper may have to boost the pressure in the line
which lay is the most direct to supplement hydrant pressure and preform a drafting operation
reverse lay
how should ffr's space themselves on a ladder when advancing a charged hoseline
within reach of eachother
on what size hoselines is the water theif intended to be used
2 1/2 in or higher
is a water theif a large diameter hose appliance
in what 2 sizes are hose jackets made from
2 1/2 and 3 in
who should preform an acceptance hose test on a fire hose
the manufacture
how long should hose test lengths be
no more than 300 ft
What GPM is hydrant color light blue
1500 GPM or greater
What GPM is hydrant color green
1000-1499 GPM
What GPM is hydrant color orange
500-999 GPM
What GPM is hydrant color red
less than 500 GPM
what is a hose bridge
they are put down to allow vehicles to drive over the hose
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