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what does water hammer sound like
sharp clack like hammer hitting metal
what nozzle opperates by a screw that guides an exterior barrel forward or backward rotating around an interior barrel
rotary control
what valve seats a moveable cylinder against a shaped cone to turn off the water
what foam action creates a barrier between fuel and fire
what foam prevents the release of flammable vapors
for what 2 basic catagories of flammable liquids are foam very effective
hydrocarbon fuels and polar solvents
what is the air/solution ratio for high expansion foam
what foam concentrate has supercleaning attributes and is mildly corrosive
class a foam
in relation to the liquid surface how far away can the line be from the inductor
no more than 6 ft
what is true about foam nozzle inductors
they are built into the nozzle
what nozzle type is some class a foam restricted to
solid bore
what nozzle has a screen that break up foam and mix it with air
water aspirating type nozzle
how does and air asperating nozzle work
it uses the veturi affect at the rear of the nozzle to bring in air and mix with the foam
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