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which body areas are most suseptible to fire attack
lungs and respitory tract
how often should PPE be cleaned
every 6 months
when oxygen drops below what percent does the body respond with hyperventilating
which toxic gas forms hydrocloric acid in the lungs
how does hydrogen chloride gas attack the body
causes swelling and abstruction of the upper respiratory tract
what determines how deeply smoke particles are inhaled into the lung
the size of the particle
what gas has an almond odor
hydrogen cynide
what is the IDLH for carbon dioxide
40,000 ppm
what is the IDLH for carbon monoxide
1,200 ppm
what gas has a musty hay odor and forms hydrochloric acid in the lungs
hydrogen cyanide
at approx what rate does carbon monoxide combine with hemoglobin in the blood stream
200 times more readily than oxygen
at what concentration does carbon monoxide become dangerous
.05 %
at what concentration does carbon monoxide cause unconsciousness and death
1.01 %
why is it dangerous to run back into a burning building after being overcome by carbon monoxide
the signs of nerve or brain injury may appear anytime within 3 weeks
how many cubic ft of air does a 2216 bottle hold
45 cubic ft
when should a ffr turn on and test his pass device
just before entering the burning building
at what percentage does uncociousness occur in respect to oxygen
when filling a tank how many psi per minute
300-600 psi
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