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what is manual inline stabilization
bringing the head inline with a neutral inline position and keeping it there
what is AVPU
AVPU is uses to determine mental status and is :
Verbal stimuli
Painful stimuli
what do you do if cardiac arrest isnt witnessed
you do 5 cycles of CPR and then you alalyze the heart rhythm
how is the focused history laid out
scene size-up, inital assessment, either a focused or rapid assessment, detailed physical assessment, ongoing assessment, documentation
in a trama patient, in what sequence do you preform certian things
physical exam
baseline vitals
when does a fall become a significant MOI
when a fall is over 15ft or 3 times the patients height
when does a fall become a signifacant MOI in a child
when a fall is 10ft or 2 times the height of the child
what is trending
reassessment of paients mental staus
what does DCAP-BTLS stand for
what is anisocoria
nturally unequal pupils
for how long is the max you can interupt ventilations
no more than 30 seconds
what is PMS when yo are talking about extremites
pulse, motor, sensory
at what pulse pressure considered low
less than 25% of the systolic pressure
what is true about a palpated systolic pressure
it is about 7mmHg lower than an auscultated one
when a patient is on beta blockers and is having a cardiac problem what might you face
an abmormally low pulse
if there is bleeding from the ear what dont you do
pack the ear or try 2 stop the blood flow
what is the bony part behind the ear called
mastoid process
what is a consenual reflex
when both eyes react when you shine a light in one of them
what is nystagmus
a jerky motion in the eyes
what is a dysconjugate gaze
where one eye gazes away from the other one, it is usually from an eysocket injury
how much will the abdomin destind if there is two liters of blood
about 1 inch
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