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1>  Types of anesthesia commonly used for obstetrics and perineal procedures are all the following except
Beir block
2>  Immediately after receiving a medication, the surgical technologist in the scrub role should
Lable the Medication
3>  A disassociative drug that produces a short-term, trance-like state is
4>  Following administration, most of the drugs are converted to less active or inactive substances called
5>  Preoperative donation of blood by the surgical patient prior to elective surgery is called
Autologous transfusion
6>  Which is a normal hemoglobin level, in g/100 ml, for an adult male?
7>  Childbirth labor my be induced by
8>  Which of the following is a parenteral route of drug administration
9>  Which of the following fractions is the result of multiplying 1/3 by 3/7?
10>  What type of anesthesia is contraindicated during reconstructive ear surgery
Nitrous Oxide
11>  The purpose of bone wax is to
Aid in Hemostasis
12>  Lidocaine with epinephrine is contraindicated for injection into the
13>  Which is a normal range of hematocrit values for an adult female?
14>  Which of the following is an opiod/narcotic antagonist
15>  The only depolarizing muscle relaxant in clinical use is
Succinylcholine (Anectine)
16>  Which of the following is a basic right for correct drug handling
Drug and dosage
17>  A miotic drug is
18>  The phase of general anesthesia after cessation of the anesthetic agent is called
19>  Sublimaze is a trade name for
20>  A drug given for its antagonistic effect upon heparin is
Warfarin Sodium (Coumedin)
21>  A drug used to anesthetize the surface of tissue without injection is called _______ anesthesia
22>  What neuromuscular blocker can trigger malignant hyperthermia
Succinylcholine (Anectine)
23>  An enzyme extracted from bovine blood that is used as a topical hemostatic agent is
24>  What type of anesthesia block requires the use of a double-cuffed tourniquet
25>  1 cc of solution is equivalent to
1 ml
26>  Heparin is administered to
Prevent formation of new blood clots
27>   Lasix is
28>   The pharmacological agent mixed with sterile injectable water for the treatment of malignant hyperthermia is
29>   Which of the following fractions is equivalent to
30>   Anticoagulants
Decrease the clotting time
31>   Which is an excellent antiseptic solution for a skin prep?
32>   Which is the most often used group of preoperative sedatives?
33>   Epinephrine causes
34>   A radipaque contrast media used in surgery is
35>   Which of the following is an inhalation agent
36>   Which syringe is the most appropriate for administering a local anesthetic
37>   When a local anesthetic is passed to a surgeon, the surgical technologist should
State the name and dosage of the medication
38>   Histamine (H2) blockers are antacids that ______ gastric acid
39>   Omnipaque, a water soluble iodine-based contrast medium is used for all of the following EXCEPT
Schiller's Test
40>   Which would be an indication for epidural anesthesia
Anorectal, Vaginal, Perineal, and Obstetric procedures
41>   Cephalothin sodium (keflin) is a/an
42>   A method of anesthesia in which anesthetic medication is injected into the subarachnoid space
Spinal block
43>   Streptokinase is used as an/a
44>   The last sensation to leave the patient during general anesthesia is
45>   What is the average blood volume to body mass ratio in an adult?
46>   The fractions is the result of adding 2 2/5 and 1 ¼?
3 13/20
47>   Following administration, most of the drugs are converted to less active or inactive substances called
48>   Preoperative assessment of the surgical patient is conducted by the anesthesia provider to gather information for all of the following purposes except to
Determine if the procedure is necessary
49>   The preoperative medication used to neutralize stomach acidity is
Socium citrate (Bicetra)
50>   Microfibrillar collagen hemostat (Avitene) is an
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