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First signs of aging?
2 ways females are at a health disadvantage
1.undernourishment 2.reproductive system problems
why 2x as many women than men live after age 80
biological: protective evolutionary biology cognitive: less risk taking psychosocial: marriage, family life, friendship..
what would be a lethal event in late adult hood concerning homeostasis?
a chill
At age 50 adults retain what percent of strength they had at age 20
90 percent
peak time of fertility
before age 30 for women and before age 40 for men
men over 40 take ____ as long to produce pregnancy than 25 yr old
vitro fertilization (ivf)
ova surgically removed, fertilized by sperm and allowed to divide until zygote reaches 8 or 16 cell stage
assisted reproductive technology (art)
collective name of diff tech that aid in fertility
1/4 of American girls use _____ pills
anorexia nervosa
restriction of eating to the point of emaciation and possible starvation
bulimia nervosa
repeated episodic binge eating followed by purging
theories of eating disorders
pschoanalytic: women have conflict w mothers behoviorism: for people w low self esteem :cognitive: women competing in business against men want to project masculine image sociocultural: women feel pressure to be thin epigenitic: girls who r overwhelmed by dev find that anorexia stops growth and decreases hormones
the powerful deterrent for serious drug abuse is
religious faith and practice
leading cause of impairment and premature death
caused by genes and severe trauma like anoxia at birth
in the us 1 male in every 100 between ages 15 and 25 dies from
violence:car accidents, homicide or suicide
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