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What is a rapidly occurring illness that runs its course, allowing the person to return to his or her previous level of functioning?
Acute Illness
What is an irreversible illness that causes permanent physical impairment and requires long-term healthcare?
Chronic Illness
What is a pathologic change in the structure or function of the body or mind?
What is a period in chronic illness when the symptoms of the disease reappear?
What do you call the state of optimal functioning or well-being?
What do you call an abnormal process in which any aspect of the person's functioning is altered (in comparison to the previous condition of health)?
What is the period in a chronic illness when the disease is present, but the person does not experience symptoms of the disease?
What do you call something that increases a person's chance for illness or injury?
Risk Factor
What is an active process in which an individual progresses toward the maximum possible potential, regardless of his or her current state of health?
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