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Give the four things that define the nurse as a caregiver.
promote health
prevent illness
restore health
facilitate coping
What percentage of Down Syndrome babies are aborted?
How is health defined?
Subjectively, by each person
What is the WHO defiition of Health?
a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being, not merely the absence of disease
What do you call the response of a person to a disease?
Describe an acute illness
rapid onset - short duration
Give 4 examples of acute illnesses
appendicitis, phneumonia, diarrhea, common cold
What are the 4 stages of acute illness?
1. Experiencing symptoms
2. Assuming the rick role
3. Assuming the dependent role
4.  Achieving recovery and rehabilitation
What has occured that has created a pathological change in the structure or function of the body or mind?
Give the nursing process for care during acute illness. (3)
1.  Accept the patient as an individual
2. Give care based on priority of needs
3. Speed recovery through physical care, emotional support and health education
Chronic illness has one or more of these four conditions:
1. permanent change
2. causes or is caused by irreversible alterations in normal anatomy and physiology
3. requires special patient education for rehab
4. require long-term care & support
What term describes when a disease is present but has no symptoms?
What term means that the symptoms of a disease are present?
Give the nursing process for care during chronic illness. (3)
1.  Accept the patient as an individual
2. Give care based on priority of needs
3. Promote health through physical care, emotional support and health education
List the five models of health and illness.
1.  The agent-host environment
2.  The health-illness continuum
3.  The high-level wellness model
4.  The Health belief model
5.  Health promotion model (ideology)
Which of the models of health and illness examines the causes of disease in an individual?  Agent, host and environment interact in ways that create risk factors.  Understanding the risk factors is miportant for the promotion and maintenance of health.
The Agent-Host Environment
Whcih of the models of health and illness measures a person's level of health and views health as a constantly changing state with high-level wellness and death on opposite sides of a continuum?
The Health-Illness Continuum
Which of the models of health and illness encourages the nurse to care for the total person and involves functioning to one's maximum potential while maintaining balance and a purposeful direction?
High-Level Wellness Model
What are the 4 B's of the High-Level Wellness Model?
Being - self is separate individual
Belonging - part of a whole
Becoming - growing and developing
Befitting - personal choices for self actualization
Which of the models of health and illness is concerned with what people perceive to be true about themselves in relation to their health?
The Health Belief Model
The Health Belief Model has modifying factors for health that include what three variables?
The Health Belief Model is based on what three components of individual perceptions of threat of a disease?
1.  Perceived susceptibility to a disease
2. Perceived seriousness of a disease
3.  Perceived benefits of action
Which of the models of health and illness illustrates the multidimensional nature of persons interacting with their environment as they pursue health?  It incorporates individual characteristics and experiences and behavior-specific knowledge and beliefs to motivate health-promoting behavior. 
Health Promotion Model (ideology)
According to the Health Promotion model, what four facots are predicative of a certain health-related habit?
List 6 risk factors affecting health and illness that are interelated and importance varies thoughout life.
health habits
List 6 Human dimentions that affect health and illness.
List four influences on Self-concept that affect health and illness.
1. past experiences
2. interpersonal interactions
3. Physical and cultural influences
4. Education
Give an example of primary preventive care.
Give an example of secondary preventive care.
Give an example of tertiary preventative care.
surgical treatment
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