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What do you call the body in a decreased state of activity which resores energy?
What do you call a state of rest accompained by altered consciousness, diminished sensitivity to external stimuli and relatve inactivity?

Sleep is synonymous with unconsciousness and with rest.

Sleep is not synonymous with unconsciousness nor with rest

Rest is not a substitute for sleep

Sleep is one of teh most complex biologic rhythms
Sleep is characterized by an increase or decrease in voluntary body movement?
Sleep is characterized by an increase or decrease in reaction to external stimuli?
Sleep is characterized by an increase or decrease in anabolism?
Sleep is characterized by an increase or decrease in catabolism?
What is the amount of optimal sleep for adults?
7-9 hrs

Some adults may need <7 hrs/night.
Need for sleep doesn't decrease with age but what does?
The ability to get sleep/
What stage of sleep is characterized by PSNS activity (decrease in vital signs and metabolic rate)?
NREM makes up how much of toal sleep time?
What type of sleep is characterized by a lost of skeletal msucle tone and SNS?
REM sleep makes up how much of total sleep time?
In which stage of NREM sleep is there loss of some muscle tone and consicous awareness of the external environment?
Stage 1
Which stage of NREM is the deepest (delta or slow wave sleep)?
Stage 4
Which stage of NREM is deep sleep?
Stage 3
Which stage of NREM has no conscious awareness of the external environment?
Stage 2
What happens to the eyes during REM?
dart back and forth
What happens to vital signs and metabolic rate during REM?
increase similar to what they are when awake
What happens to HR during REM?
rapid and irregular
What happens to RR during REM?
irregular, sometimes with apnea
What do you call the condition during REM sleep when large skeletal muscle tone and deep tenden reflexes are depressed?
REM atonia
What do you call the repeated pattern of NREM & REM?
Sleep cycle
If awakened, pt returns to waht stage of sleep?
How long are complete REM & NREM cycles?
90-100 min
How many cycles will an adult have during the night?
Deprivation of which stages of sleep causes a rebound once the person is allowed to sleep?
REM and NREM 3&4
Lack of sleep can be a factor in what three disorders?
HTN and carvascular disease
Onset of diabetes
Name 7 factors affecting sleep.
- age
- lifestyle & health habits
- psychological stress
- illness & pain
- motivation
- environmental factors
- medications
What three factors affect the sleep of elderly pts?
- need more time to fall asleep
- eake up earlier and more frequently during the night
- nap during the day
List 5 lifestyle and health habits that affect sleep.
- night shifts
- exercise
- diet
- smoking
- television and internet

Exercise increase the quality of sleep but you should not exercise 2-3 hours before bedtime.
What common substance in diet may induce sleep but inhibits REM and NREM 3&4?
Etoh (alcohol)

Large meals before bedtime increase the quality of sleep.

Anxiety decrease REM sleep.
Name 5 environmental factors affecting sleep.
- bed
- noise
- temperature
- light
- healthcare environment
What is the number 1 cause of insomnia?
A sleep disorder may be characterized by what 6 things?
- difficulty falling asleep
- difficulty staying asleep
- difficulty staying awake during the day
- unrefreshing sleep
- sleeping too much
- abnormal behavior during sleep which disrupts sleep
What is EDS
Excessive Daytime Sleep
What, by itselft is not a sleep disorder but may be a symptom of a sleep disorder?
List 11 symptoms of sleep disorder.
- feel irratable or sleepy during the day
- have difficulty staying awake when sitting still (watching TV or reading)
- fall asleep while driving
- have difficulty paying attention or concentrating at work, school or home
- perform below your potential in work, school or sports
- often get told by others that you look tired
- have difficulty with your memory
- react slowly
- have emotional outbursts
- feel like taking a namp almost every day
- require caffeinated beverages to keep yourself going
What term means the broad classification of sleep disorders cahracterized by a disturbance in the amount, quality and timing of sleep?
List 6 dyssomnias.
- Insomnia
- Hypersomnia
- Narcolepsy
- Sleep Apnea
- Restless Leg Syndrome
- Sleep Deprivation
What term means waking behaviors that appear during sleep?
What is the most common dyssomnia?
Give four characteristics of Insomnia.
- difficulty falling asleep
- waking up too early and not be able to fall fack asleep
- greequent awakening
- waking up feeling unrefreshed
Name five treatments for insomnia?
- Stimulus control
- Sleep restriction
- Sleep hygiene
- Relaxation Therapy
- Pharmacological
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