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What part of the FCC rules contain the rules and regulations which govern the amateur radio service.
Part 97
What agency enforces the rules for the amateur radio service in the United States?
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
A station that transmits signals over the air from a remote receive site to a repeater for retransmission.
Auxiliary Station
What is the frequency range for the 6 meter band?
CW only from 50-50.1MHz
What is the frequency range for the 2 meter band?
CW only from 144MHz-144.1MHz
What is the frequency range for the 1.25 meter band?
219-220 MHz (fixed digital message forwarding system only)
What is the frequency range for the 70cm meter band?
What is the frequency range for the 23cm meter band?
What is the United Nations agency for information and communication technology issues?
Which ITU region is North America located in?
Region 2
What is a special event call sign?
A single letter followed with a number followed by a single letter. For instance K1A.
What is K3ABC?
An example of a US amateur call sign.
How long is an FCC issued amateur radio license good for?
10 years.
What is the grace perios to renew an amateur license after the license has expired?
Two years. The amateur is not allowed to operate until the license is listed as renewed in the FCCs ULS database.
When may you not talk to amateurs in a foreign country?
If te country has notified the ITU that those types of communications are prohibited.
When may an amateur communicate with a US Millitary station?
Only during an Armed Forces Day Communications Test.
When may you transmit codes and ciphers?
Only when controlling space stations and radio controlled craft.
What is broadcasting?
Sending transmissions intended for the general public.
What is a control operator?
An FCC licensed amateur, or a foreign amateur in the US authorized for alien reciprocal operation, who ensures a station is operating in compliance with FCC rules and regulations.
When does a control operator need to be present?
Only when the station is transmitting.
What is the control point?
The point where the control operator function is performed.
What is local control?
The control operator is directly at the control point of the station.
What is remote control?
The control operator is manipulating the controls of the station remotely. The station may be in another location
What is automatic control?
The control operator does not need to be at the control point while the station is transmitting. Only certain types of stations may be under automatic control.
What is a tactical call?
An identifier used to identifiy a stations role in a special event. For instance, "Race Headquarters" is a tactical call.
When must amateurs provide their station identification?
Every ten minutes during a contact and at the end of a contact.
What methods may be used to provide station identification during phone operation?
Sending the call sign using phone or CW.
A station that simultaneously retransmits the signal of another amateur station on a different channel or channels.
A repeater station.
A message from one amateur control operator to another amateur station control operator on behalf of a third party.
Third party communication.
What is the most common frequency offset for a 2 meter band repeater?
Plus or minus 600KHz.
What is the most common frequency offset for a 70cm band repeater?
Plus or minus 5MHz.
What is the national calling frequency for the 70cm band?
What is the procedural signal meaning "calling any station"?
What does CTCSS stand for?
Continuous Tone Codes Squelch System. It is the use of a sub audible tone transmitted with normal voice audio to open the squelch of a receiver.
What determines the deviation of an FM signal?
The amplitude of the modulating signal.
When the deviation of an FM transmitter is increased, what happens to the signal?
It occupies more bandwidth.
What is the Q signal used to indicate you are changing frequency?
What is the Q signal meaning the station is receiving interferance from other stations?
What does RACES stand for?
Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service
What does ARES stand for?
Amateur Radio emergency Service
What is the most important job of an amateur radio operator when handling emergency traffic messages?
Pass the messages exactly as written, spoken, or received.
What is the "check"?
A count of the number of words or word equivelants in the text portion of the message.
What term describes the rapid fluttering sound sometimes heard from mobile stations that are moving while transmitting?
Picket Fencing
What type of waves carry radio signals between transmitting and receiving stations?
What part of the atmosphere enables the propagation of radio signals around the world?
Define Wavelength
The distance a radio wave travels during one complete cycle.
Define frequency for Alternating Current
The number of times per second that the current reverses direction.
A radio wave is what type of wave?
What are the components of an Electromagnetic wave?
Electric and magnetic fields.
What is the formula for wavelength?
Wavelength (meters) = 300 / Frequency (MHz)
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