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acquired, hyperresponse of body defenses to a foreign substance (allergen)
Allergic Reaction
acute allergic response to an antigen that results in severe hypotension and may lead to life-threatening shock if untreated
older system of measurement using drams; rarely used
Apothecary System of Measurement
as soon as possible order that should be available for administration to the patient within 30 minutes of the written order
ASAP order
drops or sprays used to shrink swollen mucous membranes, or to loosen secretions and facilitate drainage
Astringent Effect
tablet or capsule that is placed in the oral cavity between the gum and the cheek
Buccal Route
taking a medication in the manner prescribed by the healthcare provider, or, in the case of OTC drugs, following the instructions on the label
drugs given orally, and those administered through nasogastric or gastrostomy tubes
Enteral Route
tablets that have a hard, waxy coating designed to dissolve in the alkaline environment of the small intestine
Enteric Coating
principles that offer simple and practical guidance for nurses to use during drug preparation, delivery, and administration
Five Rights of Drug Administration
older system of measurement using teaspoons, tablespoons, and cups
Household System of Measurement
medication administered into the dermis layer of the skin
Intraderman (ID)
delivery of medication into specific muscles
Intramuscular (IM)
medications and fluids administered directly into the bloodstream
Intravenous (IV)
most common system of drug measurement that uses grams and liters
Metric System of Measurement
dispensing of medications via a needle into the skin layers
Parenteral Route
(Latin: pro re nata) medication is administered as required by the patient's condition
PRN Order
orders not written as STAT, ASAP, NOW, or PRN
Routine Order
medication that is to be given only once, and at a specific time, such as a preoperative order
Single Order
order written in advance of a situation, which is to be carried out under specific circumstances
Standing Order
medication delivered beneath the skin
Subcutaneous (SC or SQ)
medication that is placed under the tongue, and allowed to dissolve slowly
Sublingual Route
tablets or capsules designed to dissolve slowly over an extended time
Sustained Release
in conjunction with the five rights, these ascertain patient safety and drug effectiveness
Three Checks of Drug Adminsitration
plant extract used to treat or prevent illness
treatments that consider the health of the whole person and promote disease prevention
Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM)
nondrug substance regulated by the DSHEA
Dietary Supplement
primary law in the United States regulating herb and dietary supplements
plant with a soft stem that is used for healing or as a seasoning
nonherbal dietary products used to enhance a wide variety of body functions
Specialty Supplement
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