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What is elevation pressure?
Occurs anytime there is a change in elevation between the nozzle and the pump
What are the two ways of determining friction loss?
Actual tests Calculations
What factors affect hose testing when using different type of hose?
difference in construction, fabrics, rubber liners, couplings, and wear
What equipment is needed to conduct your own friction loss tests?
Pitot tube of flowmeter two in- line gauges, preferably calibrated in incriments of 5 PSI or less hose to be tested smooth bore nozzle, if using pitot tube any type of nozzle if using the flowmeter
What are some hose appliances that cause friction loss?
reducers increasers wyes manifolds aerial apparatus standpipe systems
Water exerts how many PSI per foot of elevation?
0.434 PSI per foot
What is the formula to calculate pressures for elevation?
What is the calculation for multi story buildings in regards to elevation?
EP=5PSIx ( number of stories -1)
Hose layouts can be divided into two basic categories, what are they?
simple complex
When calculating pressures for multiple hose lines of the same length, how many lines do you do the calculations for?
When two hose lines of equal lengths are Siamese to supply a fire stream, the friction loss is approximately what percent of that of a single ho line at the same nozzle pressure?
when three hose lines of equal length are Siamese, the friction loss is approximately what percent of that of a single line if equal nozzle pressure is maintained?
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