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On the fireground what methods are used to determine pressure loss and discharge?
flowmeters hydraulic calculators pump charts hand method condensed \"Q\" formula GPM flowing
According to NFPA 1901, standard for automotive fire apparatus, flow meters to be used instead of pressure gauges on all discharges of what size
1/2\" to 3\"
The flow meter must provide a read out in increments no larger than how many gpm?
10 gpm
What are the two basic flow meters use on the fireground?
paddlewheel spring probe
when properly calibrated and in good working condition, a fliwmeter should be within how many gpm for every 100 gpm when set?
+/- 3 gpm (%)
If equipped with a flow meter, how many inches must the digital readout display be for the valve control for that particular discharge?
What does a central flow meter tell you?
The flow through any particular discharge at that particular time The total amount of water being flowed through the pump at that time The total amount of water that was flowed through the pump for the duration of that incident The amount of foam being flowed
How do you use a flowmeter when relay pumping?
Monitor the the master discharge gauge and the flowmeter as the throttle is increased during the setup stage of the operation
What are the two types if hydraulic calculators?
manual/mechanical electronic
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