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urinary system consist of:
2 kidneys 2 ureters urinary bladder urethra
location of kidneys
bean shape;retroperitoneal,lie on each side of the spine between the peritoneum and back muscles
kidney has a
lateral convex and medial concave border
rt. adrenal is
ant., sup., medial
ant. to the rt. kidney are:
adrenal gland, RLL,2nd part of duodenum,hepatic flexure of colon, and jejunum or illeum of the small bowel
liver displaces rt. kidney
rt. kidney
lower than the lt.kidney
kineys lie in the
lower thoracic and lumbar area between 12th thoracic and 4th lumbar vertebrae
deep inspiration will cause
the kidney to move inferiorly approimatley 1"
rt. adrenal
2nd part of duodenum is
ant, medial
hepatic flexure and jejunum are
ant and inf
tail of pancreas
ant. medial to lt. kidney
left adrenal gland is
ant,sup,medial to left kidney
ant,sup,lateral to lt.kidney
jejunum is
ant.inf to left kidney
ant.sup to lt. kidney
splenic flexure of colon is
ant, lat to lt. kidney
post. sup. to kidneys
psoas muscle
post medial to kidneys
transversus muscle
post lateral to kidneys
quadratus lumborum muscle
post between lateral and medial
adult kidney
9-12cm length 2.5-4cm in depth a/p 4-6cm in width
if only one kidney
it is larger than normal because of increase work load
kidney consist of
upper, midlle and lower pole
several protecting coverings:
1.true capsule(renal capsule)tough fibrous capsule (closest to kidney) 2.perirenal fat 3.gerota's fascia-surrounds kidney,perirenal fat and adrenal gland 4.pararenal fat-double layer of fat allows for movement
2 distinct areas:
renal parenchyma;renal sinus
cortex and medulla
outer portion that contains the renal corpuscle and prox. and distal convoluted tubules of the nephron,area of filtration
inner portion that contains medullary pyramids and loops of henle;area of reabsorption
medullary pyramids
triangular shape structures with a narrow tip (apex)and a broad base
sits with in minor calyx located in renal sinus
against the renal cortex
pyramids are seperated by
columns of bertin
# of pyrimids=
# of calyces
renal sinus
central portion of the kidney
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