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what opening is located at the apex of the orbit?
Optic canal
Which part of the sphenoid bones helps make up the orbit?
lesser wing of sphenoid
Superior orbital fissue is formed by/surrounded by which bone?
What two parts makes up the fibrous layer of the eyeball?
sclera cornea
Which CN provides innervation to the cornea?
what is the thin pigmented highly vascular layer fimly attached to the retina which nourishes it
Name the structure located between the choroid and the iris consisting of ciliary process and ciliary muscle
ciliary body
ciliary muscle is smooth muscle controlled by what nerve and which branch of the autonomic system?
parasympathetic (oculomotor) CNIII
Which part of the ciliary body contributes to the formation of the aqueous humor?
ciliary process
Name the ring of tissues surrounding the pupil controlling its size via parasympathetic and sympathetic innervation
The Sphincter pupillae m. is controlled by what branch of the autonomic system?
The Dilator pupillae m. is controlled by what part of the autonomic system?
Which part of retina covers the internal surface of the ciliary body and iris
non-visual retina
Name the part of retina where optic nerve fibers leave and is therefore insensitive to light.
optic disc
Name the area of the retina lateral to optic disk oval shaped with mostly cones and responsible for acuity of vision
macula lutea
Name the central depression in the macula lutea it is the area of most acute vision with cones only
fovea centralis
Which cells of the retina are responsible for color vision?
Which cells of the retina provide light/dark vision (not color)
Which branch of the opthalmic artery supplies the neural retina (except for the cones and rods)?
central artery of retina
what produces aqueous humor?
ciliary process (of ciliary body)
List the steps of the aqueous humor pathway
formed in ciliary process-> posterior chamber-> through pupil-> anterior chamber-> venous system (via canal of schlemm)
Which chamber is located between iris and lens?
posterior chamber
Name the transparent gel which fills the eyeball posterior to the lens... holds retina and supports lens
vitreous body
thin clear moist membrane that coats the inner surface of the eyelids and outer surface of the eye
Name the conjunctiva which lines the under surface of the eyelids
palpebral conjunctiva
Name the conjunctiva which covers the front external eyeball
bulbar conjunctiva
Name the conjunctiva which forms the junction between the eyelid and eyeball
pink eye is inflammation of what?
List the steps of the in the Lacrimal pathway from lacrimal gland to the nasal cavity
Gland-> ducts-> lake -> canaliculi -> sac -> nosolacrimal duct -> inferior nasal meatus into nasal cavity
What is the sensory nerve to lacrimal gland?
lacrimal branhc of CN V1 (opthalmic)
Which branch of autonomic system stimulates the lacrimal gland to produce tears?
which ganglion controls the lacrimal gland and has both para/sympathetic nerves through it?
pterygopalatine ganglion
postganglionic sympathetic fibers from the superior cervical ganglion heading to the lacrimal gland travel as part of what two nerves before going through the pterygopalatine ganglion?
Deep petrosal nerve nerve of the pterygoid canal
What action do sympathetics fibers have on the lacrimal gland?
Which muscle elevates the superior eyelid opening the lid... what is its innervation?
levator palpebrae superioris (superior division of) CN III
innervation of orbicularios oculi?
Name the fibrous ring surrounding the optic canal and medial part of superior orbital fissure
common tendinous ring
Which whole cranial nerve Which two of the three main branches of CN V1 and which vessel all enter the orbit through the Superior orbital fissue by stays outside the common tendinous ring?
trochlear n. frontal and lacrimal nerves (of CN V1) Opthalamic V.
mneumonic for the eye muscle and the cranial nerves which innervate them
Which muscle serves only to ABDuct the eye?
lateral rectus
preganglionic parasympathetics from cnIII synapse here.... postganglionic sympathetics from the superior cervical ganglion and sensory fibers from nasociliary nerve travel through here...
ciliary ganglion
Which nerve is sensory to the eye/cornea?
nasociliary nerve (CN V1)
what artery travels with the optic nerve through the optic canal
ophthalmic artery
Which nerve is sensory innervation to the lacrimal gland
lacrimal branch of CN V1
Parasympathetic stimulation of the lacrimal gland causes what reaction from the gland?
stimulates fluid secretion
Parasympathetic preganglionic fibers to the lacrimal gland travel by way of which two to reach the pterygopalatine ganglion? These are branches of what Cranial Nerve?
Greater Petrosal Nerve Nerve of pterygoid canal... CN VII
which ganglion has cell bodies of parasympathetics and holds postganglionic sympathetic fibers to the Lacrimal gland?
Pterygopalatine ganglion
Post ganglionic Sympathetics to the lacrimal gland arise from which ganglion and pass through which ganglion to reach the gland?
Superior cervical ganglion go through the pterygopalatine ganglion
Sympathetics do what to the lacrimal gland?
Innervation of orbicularis oculi
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