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_____ _____,  a dissident Puritan minister,  founded the settlement of Providence.
Roger Williams
What were the main tenets of the three-Fifths Compromise?
1)  Each slave would count as three-fifths of a person for purposes of tacation and representation.
2)The federal government was prohibited from stopping the importation of slaves prior to 1808
Who were the "scalawags"?
southerners who supported Reconstruction governments
what was the Second Great Awakening?
the second great awakening was a revival that took place in the beginning of the 1800's.  Women and blacks were heavily involved in the movement,  and it sparked the reforms of the 1830s and 1840's
Why was the Act of Religious Toleration approved in Maryland?
The act of religious toleration was intended to protect the Catholic minority by granting freedom of worship to all Christian persuasions.
Which branch has the power to impeach the presisdent or other high government officials?
The legislative branch or Congress
why did the Scots-Irish immigrate to the New World?  Where did they settle?
1)  The Scots-Irish left their homelands due to high rent and economic depression.
2)  they settled in the Virginia and North Carlolina mountain valleys,  beyond the Appalachians.
Which section of the country had the fewest number of public schools in the 1830's
The South
What was Bacon's Rebellion and what was its effect?
1)Nathatniel bacon led a group of men,  many of them former indentured servants,  in burning Jamestown to show their disapproval of the colony's Indian policy.
2)  It marked the turning point from the use of indentured servants to the use of African slave labor
What is the Electoral College?
The Electoral College is a body of electors from each state,  based on the state's combined number of senators and representatives.  Its function is to elect the president.
What colony was established for freed slaves in 1830?
What brought about the rise of the nativist movement during the late 1840s and early 1850s?
The Alarm of native-born Americans over the rising tide of German and Irish immigration
Who founded Pennsylvanina?  Why was Pennsylvania founded?
1)William Pen
2)He founded Pennsylvania as a haven for Quakers,  a religious sect whose followers were pacifists and believed all people had an "innerlight"  that allowed them to communicate with God
Which amendment guarantees freedom of speech,  press,  and religion?
the First Amendment
Why did Kansas become known as "bleeding Kansas"?
Full-scale guerilla war erupted there after the election of two opposing territorial governments.
What was the purpose of John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry?  What was the reaction to this events?
1)  John Brown hoped to capture the federal arsenal and start a slave uprising.
2)  Many in the North began to view Brown as a martyr,  but many in the south saw this as evidence that the North wanted to end slavery.  This event also played on one of the South's deepest fears,  slave revolt.
why may it be said that the Enlightenment further weakened the Church's influence in society?
The Enlightement placed less faith in God as an active force in the universe.
Which amendment grants to states those powers not granted to the federal government?
The Tenth Amendment
True or False:  The majority of southerners owned slaves.
False.  Three-fourths of the southern whites did not own any slaves.
Which class had economic power and dominated the political and social life of the South?
The Planter class
What was the Great Awakening?
The Great Awakening was a series of religious revivals throughout the colonies between 1720 and 1740.
Why were Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 passed?
To stifle actual or potential Democrat Republican opposition to the Federalist-controlled government during the "undeclared war" with France
When did the importation of slaves from abroad become illegal?
What did Gabriel Prosser,  Denmark Vesey,  and Nat Turner all have in common?
They all plotted or led uprisings of blacks against their white masters.
Instead of being prepared for academic training,  women were generally taught______skills.
What were the Kentucky and Virginia Resolves?
These were a series of resolves drawn up by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison that were presented to the Kentucky and Virginia legislatures; they proposed that John Locke's compact theory should be applied.  This would nullify federal laws in those states.
Who were the "copperheads"?
Northerners opposed to the war
What were Black Codes?
Restrictions on the freedom of former slaves that were passed by southern states after the end of the Civil War
From which countries did the majority of immigrants to the United States come from between 1815 and 1837?
Britain,  Germany,  and southern Ireland
What resolutions were drafted by the New England delegates at the Hartford Convention in December 1814?
They drafted a set of resolutions suggesting nullification and even secession if their interests were not protected against the growing influence of the south and west.
Which nineteenth-century groups formed cooperative communities to improve the life of the common man against increasing industrialism?
The Utopians
What utopian community was based on free love and open marriage?
Oneida Community in New York
True or False:  Approximately 100,000 people had settled in Kentucky and Tennesee by 1790
Why did the admission of Missouri in 1819 result in a controversy between the northern and southern members of Congress?  How was this resolved
Missouri's admission would upset the sectional balance in the Senate.  As a compromise,  Maine was admitted as a free stat,  Missouri was admitted as a slave state,  and slavery was prohibited north of 36Degrees30'n latitude line in the louisiana Territory.
Who was Dorothea Dix?
Dorothea Dix was reformer who advocated for more humane treatment for the mentally incompetent in mental asylums.
Where and when did the first feminist meeting take place?
Seneca Falls,  New York,  1848
What encouraged 6000 Americans to travel westward over the Oregon trail during the first half of 1840's?
Reports by fur traders and missionaries about Oregon's favorable soil and climate
President Jackson's threat to dismiss a large number of government employees and replace them with his supporters is known as the_____ _____.
Spoils system
What was the Underground Railroad?
The Underground Railroad was a system by which northern abolitionists smuggled escaped slaves to permanent freedom in Canada.
What kind of educational opportunities existed for southern women before the Civil War?
Education for southern women was rare; what little there was centered on the "domestic arts."
What was the position of antislavery northerners regarding the legality of slavery in the newly acquired territories?
Antislavery northerners felt that Congress had the right to prohibit slavery in the territories,  based on the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 and the Missouri Compromise of 1820.
The____ ____ had emerged from the ruins of the National Republicans and other groups who opposed President Jackson's policies.
Whig party
What was the purpose of the Tuskegee Institute?
To provide teaching and vocational education for African Americans
Who wrote the Pamphlet"Common Sense"?  Why was it so important?
Thomas Paine
It was widely sold and had a great deal of influence in urging Americans to achieve independence from Britain
In 1620,  before going ashore,  the Pilgrims drew up the ____ _____,  Which estatblised an orderly government based on the consent of the governed.
Mayflower Compact
What was Wilmot Proviso?  What was its effect?
1)  The Wilmot proviso prohibited slavery in any territory that might be acquired from Mexico.
What event inspired Francis Scott Key to write"  The Star-Spangled Banner"?
The holding firm of Fort McHenry against British bombardment during the invasion of Chesapeake Bay
The______movement of the nineteenth century emphasized the emotions and feelings over rationality.
The First document that devised a frame work for the national goverment of the United States was known as the______ _______ ______.
Articles of Confederation
What was the Lancastrian System?
The Lancastrian System was an educational system in which older students tutored younger ones.  the New York Free school experimented with this method for a time.
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