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Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD)
An abnormal opening in the wall between the left and right ventricle
Patent Ductus Arterious (PDA)
Dutcus Arterious artery remains open and the unoxygenated blood mixes with the oxygenated and causes a strain on the heart
cardic output
the amount of blood ejected from the left ventricle into the aorta
Pulmonary Stenosis
Abnormal narrowing of the pulmonary artery
Cyanotic Defects
Unoxygenated blood enters the systemic circulation system
Intra-aortic balloon pump
mechancial device that increases myocradial oxygen and cardic output
Pleural Effusion
Fluid in the space between the lungs
Heart and Lung Machine
Takes over the operations of the heart and lungs during open heart surgery
Posterior lateral positioning equipment
adhesive tape, sand bags or pillows bean bags
Pus and blood from infected tissue that collect in a body cavity
cardiac Tamponade
compression of the heart due to fluid in the pericardial sac
Peripheral Vascular System
system of veins and arteries that carry blood to and from the heart
Swelling of a vein due to a blood clot
Electroencephalogram (EEG)
Display and recording of electrical activity in the brain
the main blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart
stroke volume
The volume of blood pumped from one ventricle of the heart with each beat
Atrial Septal Defect (ASD)
heart defect in which the atria does not completely close
Decortication of the Lung
Procedure that removes blood and pus formed on the visceral parietal pluera
cardiac catherterization
Insertion of pace maker wires into the right ventricle
Doppler Probe
Instrument used to measure the blood flow in a specific artery
Gas and air in cavity between the lungs causing the lung to collapse
Tube Thoracostomy
Insertion of chest tube in the pleural cavity
Collateral Flow
small or closed arteries open up to connect 2 larger arteries
Fatty deposits that build up in arteries
lack of oxygenated blood or an organ or part of the body
Widdening or ballooning of an artery
surgical removal of plaque from an artery
Blood pressure
pressure exerted by circulating blood
Acyanotic Defect
Heart defect that does not produce the blue color in the skin due to cyanosis
Ventricular Assist Device (VAD)
Designed to boost cardiac output and rest ailing left ventricle by diverting blood away from the left venticle thru artifical pump
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