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indirect visualization
a tool that helps the doctor perform exams; pharyngeal mirror, x rays
pulse oximetry
a small instrument is placed on a finger or thin body part that measures the oxygen saturation of arterial blood
clean catch urine sample
is collected at midstream (voiding the first portion) and after the perineal area is clean and disinfected properly
diagnostic imaging
is the structure and functions with in the body that are observed by using various imaging techniques.
ultrasound exam
high frequency sound waves are directed into the body and reflected from the tissues to a recording device (for diagnostic purposes)
atoms of the same element that have different numbers of neutrons
pallative procedure
intended to ease pain or reduce severity but not a cure of condition
radiographic study of bile ducts, to view gallstones
Diagnostic Procedure
a procedure performed to assist in the diagnose, management or treatment of a pts condition, from many different sources
noninvasive procedure
does not require entering the body or puncturing the skin and therefore are less hazardous for the patient.
aspiration biopsy
the removal of fluid through a needle attatched to a syringe
recording of electrical nerve transmission in skeletal muscles
end-tidal CO2
how much carbon dioxide is in a patient's exhalation
combines CT and radiostope brain scanning, helps to identify how different areas of the brain function by highlighting chemical or metabolic activity
contrast media
a radiopaque solution injected into artery,vein, or duct; outlines what structures are not radiopaqued
mineral deposits that can form blockage in the urinary or biliary system; "stones"
the placement of a needle into the chest wall to remove fluid from the pleural space
radiography of a blood vessel after injection of a contrast medium; the reference standard for assessing the cause and severity of peripheral vascular disease
amplified x-ray images viewed on monitor, an intensifier is used and images can be viewed during movement and projected in real time
enhanced visualization
digitalized with background images subtracted
therapeutic procedure
a procedure performed to treat a pts. condition with the goal of eliminating it or promoting as much recovery as possible
scout film
x-ray taken after pt is on the table to be sure surgical site is available if further x-rays are needed
Computer Axial Tomography (CT Scan)
a specialized x-ray machine that produces pictures of a body part in slices for evaluation by a radiologist
incisional biopsy
removal of a selected portion of a lesion
Culture and Sensitivity
tissue or fluid that is suspected of being infected may be cultured so the pathogen can be identified and treated
invasive procedure
procedure that requires penetrating intact skin or mucous membranes
portion of pulmonary function testing that is a direct measurement of lung volume and capacity
measuring and recording changes in volume of the body or body part
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