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What are three other names for anticholinergics?
- muscarinic antagonist
- cholinergic blocker
- parasympatholytic
What is the mechanism of action of anticholinergics?
prevents acetylcholine from binding to muscarinic receptors
What are the five parasympathetic reponses?
- decreased HR
- bronchoconstriction
- bladder contraction
- increased peristalsis
- increased saliva, gastric and bronchial secretion
What are five anticholinergic responses?
- increased HR
- bronchodilation
- bladder relaxation
- decreased peristalsis
- decreased saliva, gastric and bronchial secretion
What anticholinergic is used to treat bradycardia?
What anticholinergic is used to treat asthma/bronchial spasm?
Atrovent (ipratropium)
What anticholinergic is used to treat bladder spasm/ incontinence/ urinary frequency?
Ditropan (oxybutynin)
What anticholinergic is used to treat intestinal spasm/ IBS?
Levsin (hyoscyamine)
What is an anticholinergic used preanesthesia?
What are three outcomes of using Atropine preanesthesia?
- decreased gastric, salivary and bronchial secretions
- decreased GI motility
- decreased sweating
What is are four side effects of using anticholinergics?
- tachycardia
- urinary retention
- constipation
- dry mouth, through, irritation
What are two contraindications of anticholinergics?
- Glaucoma (narrow angle) - increase intraocular pressure
- GI/GU obstruction
You should use caution administering anticholinergics to what patients?
Patients who cannot tolerate tachycardia (angina, heart d/s) & BPH
What are the four symptoms of Cholinergic crisis?
- Fever (Hot as hades) - cannot sweat
- Visual changes (blind as a bat) - blurred vision - pupil dilation
- Difficulty swallowing (dry as a bone) - decrease in saliva
- Hallucinations (mad as a hatter) - CNS stimulation
What are the four nursing implicatios of anticholinergics?
- Monitor VS
- urinary retention - I&O, pt reports
- Monitor BM
- Monitor lung sounds
What two teachings should accompany administration of anticholinergics?
- side effects
- therapeutic tests
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