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What class of drugs are beta blockers?
Beta adrenergic antagonist
Beta blockers are known as what?
The Lols
What are the two types of beta blockers?
Non cardioselective (Beta 1 & Beta 2) and Cardioselective (Beta 1)
Beta 1 deals primarily with what organ?
Beta 2 deals primarily with what organ?
What is the prototype drug for cardioselective beta 1 blockers?
atenolol (Tenormin) and metoprolol (Lopressor)
What are the two indications of use for beta blockers?
- HTN, HF, prevention of angina attacks, prevention of MI recurrence, tachydysrhythmias
- other conditions: migraines, anxiety, panic attacks, glaucoma
What is the action of beta blockers?
 block effects of SNS stimulation on the beta receptors of the heart - lowers HR, contractility and conduction
What is the effect of Beta 1 blockers?
lowers cardiac output which lowers BP (lowers HR, force of contraction and speed of conduction)
What is the effect on Beta 2?
What are the two contraindications of beta blockers?
- bradycardia, certain dysrhythmias, pregnancy and lactation
- cardiogenic schock, severe heart failure
What three pts are cautioned about taking beta blockers?
Pts with asthma, COPD, DM
What are 5 CV side effects of beta blockers?
- bradycardia
- lower BP
- peripheral edema
- exercise intolerance
What are 4 CNS side effects of beta blockers?
- dixxiness
- fatigue
- weakness
- depression
What are 2 GU side effects of beta blockers?
- lowers libido
- impotence
What are two respiratory side effects of beta blockers?
- bronchospasms/constriction
- dyspnea
What ENDO side effect of beta blockers?
increase or decrease in blood sugar
If beta blockers are abruptly withdrawn, what are 4 serious problems that could arise?
- increase HR
- dysrhythmia
- MI
What are 7 nursing considerations of Beta blockers?
- monitor BP - hold if SBP is <90
- call MD if apical pulse <60 bpm
- Assess EKG for heart block
- monitor for S&S of HF (contractility
- Monitor WBG frequently if pt has DM
- Monitor for bronchoconstriction (dyspnea, wheexing)
- rebound
What are 7 teachings associated with beta blockers?
- Never stop me abruptly
- monitor WBG frequently b/c symptoms of hypoglycemia are decreased
- change position slowly
- Call MD if pulse <60 bpm
- Report SOB, BP, pedal edema, syncope, weight gain >2lbs/day, irregular or lower BP
-Monitor BP
- Report depression or impotence
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