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What is the primary obligation of professional planners?
To serve the public intrerest
What is formulated through continuous and open debate?
A conscientiously attained concept of the public interest
We shall always be _________others.
conscious of the rights
"Professional Planners should strive to achieve high________ of professional integrity, __________, and knowledge."
All communications with the Executive Director regarding
specific ethical situations should occur using which methods of
Phone and/or Letters
The necessity of the highest standards of fairness and honesty
among participants of the planning process is required
Planning issues usually involve: conflict of values and large private
Ethical principles #1. The planning process must continuously______and faithfully ______the public interest.
Ethical principle #2. Planning process participants continuously strive to achieve high standards of _______ and proficiency so that the public respect for the planning process will be maintained.
Who can you seek informal advise on ethics from?
Ethics Officer
Is the informal advice from the Ethic officer binding upon the
No, but it will be condiered in the event a charge of misconduct is
later filed concerning the conduct in question
When an appeal is filed to an Ethics Officer’s decision, who gets
to make the next determination?
AICP Ethics Committee
Can a settlement be reached before a complaint is issued?
Yes, the ethics officer can negotiate one with the respondent and
the charging party or reccomend one without the charging party's
consent with the approval of the Ethics Committee.
All Written opinions endorsed by the Commission or by the
Ethics Committee are published. What is omitted from the
Actual Names and Places, unless authorized by an affirmative vote
of two-thirds of the Commission or in writing by the respondent.
Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and
other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitute
sexual harassment when: (there are three)
1)Submission…is a term or condition of employment; 2)Submission
or used as a bases for employment decisions;3)Such
conduct has the….effect of unreasonably interfering with…work
If the Ethics Committee determines that the Ethics Officer has
demonstrated that the Rules of Conduct have been violated, it
shall also determine the appropriate sanction (3 options):
Reprimand, suspension, or expulsion.
Is sexual harassment specifically cover by the AICP code of
The Ethics Officer will respond to requests for formal or informal
advice within how many days?
informal advice within 21 days
What standard of proof must ethics charges meet?
Preponderance of the evidence
AICP Code Section A
Principles to Which We Aspire
AICP Code Section B
Our Rules of Conduct
AICP Code Section C
Our Code Procedures
The Ethics Officer may initially respond to a charge of misconduct in what two ways?
the Respondent provide a preliminary response.
"If there is a disputed matter in an ethics complaint and the respondent is granted a hearing with the Ethics Committee, are formal rules of evidence used?"
There is No REQUIREMENT that formal rules of evidence be observed.
The Respondent has how long from receipt of a Complaint in which to file an Answer?
30 calendar days, or 45 days if an extension was requested.
Who serves in the position of Ethics Officer?
Executive Director of APA/AICP
Are aspirational principles enforcable?
No, an allegation that a planner failed to achieve the aspirational
principles cannot be the subject of a misconduct charge or be a
cause for disciplinary action
We shall have special concern for the __________________________.
long-range consequences of present actions.
We shall have special concern for the _______ consequences of _______ actions.
When did the current ethics code become effective?
June 1, 2005
(Apoted March 19, 2005)
We shall pay special attention to the _________________________.
interrelatedness of decisions
We shall provide ________________on planning issues to all affected persons and to governmental decision makers.
timely, adequate, clear, and accurate information
We shall give people the opportunity to have a ________ that may affect them. Participation should be broad enough to include _____________.
meaningful impact on the development of plans and programs

those who lack formal organization or influence.
We shall seek social justice by _____________that oppose such needs.
working to expand choice and opportunity for all persons, recognizing a special responsibility to plan for the needs of the disadvantaged and to promote racial and economic integration. We shall urge the alteration of policies, institutions, and decisions
We shall promote ________________of the natural and built environment.
excellence of design and endeavor to conserve and preserve the integrity and heritage
We shall deal fairly with all _________ in the planning process. Those of us who are public officials or employees shall also deal __________ with all planning process participants.
A: Principles to Which We Aspireis broken into what 3 parts?
1. Our Overall Responsibility to the Public 2. Our Responsibility to Our Clients and Employers 3. Our Responsibility to Our Profession and Colleagues
Our primary obligation is _____and we, therefore, owe our allegiance to a ______. We shall achieve high standards of ________. To comply with our obligation to the public, we aspire to the following principles:
to serve the public interest conscientiously attained concept of the public interest that is formulated through continuous and open debate. professional integrity, proficiency, and knowledge
We owe _____of the work we do in pursuit of our client or employer's interest. Such performance, however, shall always be __________.
diligent, creative, and competent performance consistent with our faithful service to the public interest.
We shall exercise__________on behalf of our clients and employers.
independent professional judgment
We shall accept the ______ of our client or employer concerning the _______ of the professional services we perform unless the course of action is ______ to the public interest.

objectives and nature

illegal or plainly inconsistent with our primary obligation
We shall avoid a __________in accepting assignments from clients or employers.
conflict of interest or even the appearance of a conflict of interest
We shall contribute to the _______, our profession by improving _____.
development of, and respect for knowledge and techniques, making work relevant to solutions of community problems, and increasing public understanding of planning activities.
We shall ___ and _____ the integrity of our profession.
How many Rule of Conduct are there?
How many Code Procedures are there?
x of y cards