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by gringo

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process that occurs when a minority group, living as part of a dominant group within a culture, loses the cultural characteristics that made it different

Cultural assimilation

the process of ignoring differences in people and proceeding as though the differences do not exist

Cultural blindness

a lack of culturally assistive, supportive, or facilitative acts in the healthcare setting

Cultural care deprivation

diverse groups in society, with varying racial classification and national origin, religious affiliation, languages, physical size, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, socio economic status, occupational status, and geographic location

Cultural diversity

tendency of some to impose their beliefs, practices, and values on another culture because they believe that their ideas are superior to those of another person or group

Cultural imposition

sum total of human behavior or social characteristics peculiar to a specific group and passed from generation to generation or from one to another within the group

occurs when people become aware of cultural differences, feel threatened, and respond by riduculing beliefs and traditions of others to make thenselves feel secure about their own values
Culture Conflict

those feelings, usually negative, a person experiences when placed in a different culture

Culture shock

sense of identification that a cultural group collectively has; the sharing of common and unique cultural and social beliefs and behavior patterns, including language and dialect, religious practices, literature, folklore, music, political interests, food preferences, and employment patterns


judgment of other people based on the standards and practices of one's own culture


external environment surrounding a person that is regarded as being part of that person

Personal space

division of human beings based on distinct physical characteristics


assigning characteristics to a group of people without considering specific individuality

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