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developer bob acquires a tract of land that he divides into 25 home sites. prior to marketing the home sites who must bob submit the subdivision plat to?
local governmental planning agency
sales assosciate harry began working at all action realty and they are not a member of the local assosciation of realtors can hairy join the assosciation and why
no harry can not join unless the broker is a member
how can a licensee legally appraise real property in a non federally related transaction
when the sales assosciate does not represent themselves a s an appraiser and applies with the usapap
why has the field of property management growth and specialization
the increase in absentee owners
appraising is considered what
an art
why are appraisers paid a fee and not a commission
because to recieve a commission would be a conflict of interest
what is the peurpose of restrictive covenants
protect surrounding properties from decrease in value
what does real estate require
skill and experience in real estate values, specialized service and expertise.
can a sales associate charge money for a cpa
yes as long as it is not represented as an appraisal
what are the 10 steps of real estate in order
1.prospecting for sellers and businesses 2. prospecting for buyers 3. buyer qualification, sale presentation, and negotiation 4.offer, negotiation process, and signed sale contract application and respa disclosure contract requirements which includes credit evaluation and property appraisal approval then title search 8.title closing which includes mortgage and note, title insurance respa disclosure and deed 9.intruments recorded 10. follow up
how does the local government impact the real estat market
by building moratoriums
name the 5 areas of real estate
1. details of property transfer 2.knowledge of market conditions 3. knowledge of how to market real estate 4.knowledge of how to analyze buyers needs 5.knowledge or real estate laws
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