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A. ___ ATA is the name retroactively given to the ___ standards when SATA became available

B. PATA uses the classic ___ connector for ___ data communication

C. SATA uses the more modern ___ connector for ___ data transfer

A. Parallel, ATA, IDE

B. 40 - Pin, Parallel

C. 7 - pin, Serial
IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics)

A. IDE generally refers to any drive that has a built in ___

B. IDE is more properly called ___

C. The IDE standard has been revised over the years and are designated with the AT - Attachment numbers which are?
A. Controller

B. AT - Attachment (ATA)

C. ATA - 1 through ATA - 8

A. ATA - 2 and higher are refered to as ___

B. ATA - 3 introduced ___ to deal with non-hard-disk devices

C. ATA - 3 also introduced ___ which stands for ___ ? This tool monitors the hard drive for possible failures
A. Enhanced IDE (EIDE)

B. ATA packet interface (ATAPI)

C. Smart, Self monitoring and reporting technology

A. Starting with ATA - 4, ___ was introduced supporting transfer rates upto ___

B. ATA - 5 supports ___ with transfer speeds upto ___. The drive must however use a special ___ ribbon cable and the MB / Controller card must support ATA - 5
A. Ultra DMA, 33 MBps

B. Ultra DMA / 66, 66 MBps, 80 Wire (40 pins)

A. ATA - 6 supports ___ with transfer rates of ___, Similar to ATA - 5. ATA - 6 must use the 80 wire cable and be supported by the MB

B. ATA - 7 supports ___ with speeds of ___ for PATA and ___ for SATA

C. ATA - 8 only made minor revisions and room for the next generation of ___
A. Ultra DMA / 100, 100 MBps

B. Ultra DMA / 133, 133 MBps, 150 MBps

Small Computer System Interface (SCSI)

A. 8 - bit ___ and ___ internal devices use a SCSI ___ cable and a ___ ribbon cable similar to IDE

B. 16 - bit SCSI uses a SCSI ___ cable with ___ wires and a 68 - pin ___ style connector

C. There is also an ___ internal connector called ___ for some high end SCSI devices
A. SCSI - 1, SCSI - 2, A, 50 Pin

B. P, 68, DB

C. 80 Pin, SCA
Working With SCSI

A. Every device on a SCSI chain must have a unique ___

B. A device called a ___ must be installed at ___ ends of the bus to keep the signals "on the bus"

C. Terminators can be either ___ or ___

D. ___ termination is considered to be the best
A. Device Number

B. Terminator, Both

C. Active, Passive

D. Active
SCSI ID Numbers

A. Each device must have a unique ___ number

B. This number can be assigned as any number between ___ and ___ on an 8 - bit bus

C. Or between ___ and ___ on a 16 - bit bus

D. Or between ___ and ___ on a 32 - bit bus
A. SCSI Id Number

B. 0 - 7

C. 0 - 15

D. 0 - 31
SCSI ID Numbers

A. An ID of ___ is always recommended for the host adapter

B. Slower devices should be given ___ priority by giving them a ___ number

C. The bootable / first disk should be set to ___

D. The CD Rom should be set to ___
A. 7

B. Higher, Higher

C. 0

D. 3

A. RAID = ? and is a way of combining storage space of more than one HD for such things as ___ or ___

B. The 3 most common RAID types are ___, ___ and ___
A. Redundant Array of Independent Disks, Increased performance, Fault Tolerance

B. RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 5
RAID Continued

A. RAID 0 =, also known as ___ and is technically not RAID because it provides no ___. Data is written accross ___, however if one drive fails, ___ content is lost
A. Disk Striping, Fault Tolerance, Multiple Drives, All

A. RAID 1 = ? Also known as ___ and produces fault tolerance by writing all data ___ to 2 seperate drives. If one drive fails, the other can be ___

B. Unlike with RAID 0, Disk mirroring doesn't help ___
A. Disk Mirroring, Symultaneously, switched to

B. Access Speed

A. RAID 5 Combines the benefits of both ___ and ___

B. For RAID 5 to function a minimum of ___ drives must be used

B. 3
Configuring Storage Devices

A. One physical drive can be made up of a ___ or many ___, each represented by a different letter

B. You can create one or more ___ patitions and a single ___ partition

C. Primary partitions can be made ___

D. Extended partitions are not bootable but can be further divided and represented by one or more ___
A. Single Logical Drive Letter, Many Logical Drives

B. Primary Partitions, Extended

C. Bootable

D. Drive Letters

A. Resistance is measured in ___. A measure of infinate resistance indicates that electricity ___ flow from one probe to the other

B. You measure resistance to determine if there is a ___ in a wire

C. To measure resistance, connect the probes to a component that is ___ mounted on a circuit board
A. Ohms (Ω), cannot

B. Break

C. Not (note: - component should not be connected to a power source)

A. To measure voltage on a multimeter you must connect the probes to a ___

B. With DC voltage the + probe must connect with the ___

C. With AC voltage this step ___
A. Power Supply

B. + / Positive terminal

C. Doesn't matter

A. To measure current with a multimeter you must connect the meter in ___ with the circuit

B. Current is measured in ___

C. You must ___ the device to test the current
A. Series


C. Power
Configuring New Components

A. Memory addresses are numbers assigned to ___ that allow software to access ___ of memory

B. Interupt Request Lines (IRQs) allows a device to signal the CPU for its ___

C. Input / Output (I/O) addresses allow the CPU to ___ and ___ the device

D. Direct Memory Access (DMA) channels allow a device to ___ and communicate ___ to memory 
A. Physical Memory, Specific Areas

B. Attention

C. Identify, signal

D. Bypass, Directly
Interrupt Request Lines (IRQs)

A. IRQ ___ is the highest priority

B. IRQ 2 ___ to the upper 8 interrupts, which makes IRQs 8 - 15 higher priority than 3 - 7

C. Higher priority interrupts will be processed by the ___ faster than lower priority
A. 0

B. cascades

Common IRQs

What is the most common use for interrupt

A. 0

B. 1

C. 2

D. 3

E. 4

F. 5

G. 6

H. 7

I. 8

J. 9

K. 10

L. 11

M. 12

N. 13

O. 14

P. 15
A. System Timer

B. Keyboard

C. Cascade to interrupts 8 - 15



F. Sound Adapter

G. Floppy Disk Controller


I. Real Time Clock

J. N/A

K. N/A

L. N/A

M. PS/2 Style Mouse

N. Floating Point Coprocessor

O. Primary IDE Channel

P. Secondary IDE Channel
Common IRQs

What is another common use for IRQ

A. 3

B. 4

C. 5

D. 6

E. 14

F. 15



D. Tape Controllers

E. SCSI Controllers

F. SCSI controllers and Network adapters
Direct Memory Access (DMA)

A. All DMA transfers use a special area of memory to receive data from the ___ or ___

B. No DMA channel can be used by ___ device

C. DMA is no longer popular but is still used by ___, ___ and some ___
A. Expansion Card, CPU

B. More than 1

C. Floppy drives, Sound Cards, Keyboards
I/O Addresses

A. The major difference between an I/O address and a memory address is that memory addresses are used by the ___ itself, where as I/O addresses are used by the ___ or ___ to control the device
A. Device, System, CPU
What is the I/O address for







G. Primary IDE

H. Secondary IDE
A. 0x03F8-03FF

B. 0x02F8-02FF

C. 0x03E8-03EF

D. 0x02E8-02EF

E. 0x0378-037F

F. 0x0278-027F

G. 0x01FO-01F7

H. 0x0170-0177
Laptop Backlight / Inverter

A. A backlight is a small ___ lamp placed behind the LCD display

B. The typical laptop display uses a ___ (CCFL) as its backlight

C. The inverter supplies the ___, ___ energy required for the backlight
A. Flourescent

B. Cold Cathode Flourescent Lamp

C. High-Voltage, High-Frequency
Laptop Memory

A. 2 Standards exist today for laptop memory. ___ and ___

B. The SODIMM has ___ pins

C. The MicroDIMM has ___ pins

B. 144

C. 172
Laptop Expansion Slots

A. There are 2 standards for internal laptop expansion. ___ and ___

B. Most laptops will only come with the ___ port

C. Mini PCIe cards have a ___ pin ___ ___ connector
A. Mini PCI, Mini PCIe

B. Mini PCI

C. 52, Card Edge
Mini PCI Form Factors

What is the connector type for

A. Mini PCI IA

B. Mini PCI IB




A. 100 - pin, stacking

B. 100 - pin, stacking

C. 100 - pin, stacking

D. 100 - pin, stacking

E. 124 - pin, card edge

F. 124 - pin, card edge
Dot-Matrix - Low Quality Print Problems

What is the cause and solution for

A. Consistently faded character

B. Lines that go from dark to light

C. Small blank line running through print (consistantly)

D. Small blank line running through print (Intermittantly)

E. Small dark line running through print

F. Printer makes noise but nothing prints

G. Printer prints garbage
A. Worn printer ribbon, replace / adjust ribbon

B. Printer ribbon advance gear slipping, replace gear or mechanism

C. Printhead pin stuck, replace the printhead

D. Broken / Loose / Shorting printhead cable, secure or replace printhead cable

E. pin stuck in out position, replace printhead

F. worn / missing / incorrectly installed ribbon cartridge, replace ribbon cartridge correctly

G. cable unhooked / wrong driver / bad PCB, hook cable correctly / use correct driver / replace PCB
Dot-Matrix - Printer Jam Problems

A. 2 causes of printer jams = ___ or ___ 
A. Obstructed paper path, stripped drive gears
Dot-Matrix - Stepper Motor Problems

A. The ___ motor is responsible for back-and-forth motion. The ___ motor is responsible for advancing the paper

B. A damaged stepper motor causes the ___ to be unevenly spaced

C. A damaged main motor will cause the ___ to be unevenly spaced
A. Carriage, Main

B. characers

C. lines
Bubble-Jet - Print Quality Problems

A. 99% of all Bubble-Jet problems are due to the ___? e.g. the ink dries out, the printing smears, thin black lines etc.

B. When the print goes quickly from dark to light the ___ ___ inside the printer that primes the ink cartridge should be replaced
A. Ink Cartridge

B. Suction Pump
Bubble-Jet - Paper Jams

A. The 2 causes of paper jams in a Bubble-Jet printer are ___ or ___

B. The pickup rollers press up against small rubber or cork ___ ___ to ensure 1 page only is fed into the printer

C. If the printer is consistently picking up multiple sheets of paper it could be a problem with the ___ or the ___
A. Worn pickup rollers, wrong type of paper

B. Seperator pad

C. Sepertor pad, paper is too "sticky"
Laser Printers - Power Problems

A. A laser printers DC power supply provides 3 DC voltages. ___, ___ and ___

B. +5V is found on ___

C. -5V is found on ___

D. +24V is found on ___

E. If none of the voltages read correctly on a multimeter you should replace the ___ in the power supply. If one or more (but not all) voltages are reading incorrectly you should ___ the power supply
A. +5V, -5V, +24V

B. pin 1

C. pin 5

D. pin 9

E. Fuse, Replace
Laser Printer - IP Configuration Problems

A.The IP settings can be configured in 3 ways

I. Through the ___ display
II. By using ___ to connect to the printers managment software
III. By using the ___ software that came with the printer

B. You can also configure a printer to obtain an ___, but this is not recommended
II. Telnet
III. Managment

B. IP Address from a DHCP server
Laser Printer - When Nothing Prints

A. Is the printer ___?

B. The printer may give you an ___ error or ___ on the LCD screen. If this is true the problem is that the printer has ran out of ___

C. To fix this problem turn the printer ___, and consider ___ the memory
A. Plugged in?

B. Out of Memory, processing data, memory

C. Off and back on again, upgrading
Laser Printer - Paper Jams

A. 5 things can cause paper feed jam problems

I. The ___ ___ rolers get worn

II. The ___ ___ of the pickup roller is broken

III. The ___ rollers are worn

IV. The incorrect type of ___ is used, or there is excess ___

V. The ___ ___ ___, which drains the transfer corona charge away from the paper

I. Paper feed

II. Drive Gear

III. Exit

IV. Paper, Excess moisture / humidity

V. Static eliminator strip
Laser Printers - Blank Pages

A. The 3 major causes of blank pages are?

B. Is the toner cartridge ___? Has the ___ ___ been removed?

C. If the transfer corona wire / roller is not functioning, the image will not ___ to the photosensitive drum

D. If the HVPS is not working neither ___ will work and the image will not transfer
A. The toner cartridge, the transfer corona assembly, the high voltage power supply (HVPS)

B. Empty, sealing tape

C. Transfer

D. Coronas
Laser Printer - All Black Pages

A. This happens when the ___ or ___ malfunctions and fails to place a charge on the EP drum

B. The problem can be solved by replacing the ___. If this doesn't correct the problem then the ___ is at fault
A. Charging corona wire, Charging corona roller

B. Toner cartridge

Laser Printer - Repetitive Small Marks / Defects

A. This problem may be caused by spilled ___ inside the printer or a crack / chip in the ___

B. In both cases toner gets stuck to one of the ___

C. The solution is to ___ or ___ the offending rollers inside the printer
A. Toner, EP Drum

B. Rollers

C. Clean, Replace
Laser Printers - Vertical White Lines on Page

A. Caused by dirt / toner that gets caught on the ___ ___ ___

B. The dirt keeps the toner from being ___ to the paper

C. The solution is to ___ the corona wires
A. Transfer Corona Wire

B. Transfered

C. Clean
Laser Printer - Vertical Black Lines on Page

A. One possible cause is a scratch in the ___ ___, which auses it to receive little or no charge

B. Another cause is dirt on the ___ ___ ___ which prevents sufficient charge transfering to the EP drum

C. To fix these either ___ the toner cartridge or ___ the charging corona
A. EP Drum

B. Charging Corona Wire

C. Replace, Clean
Laser Printer - Self Tests

A. There are 3 tests you can perform on a laser printer, they are?

B. The engine self test prints an ___ page. If the test can be fully completed you know nothing is wrong with the actual print mechanism itself

C. The engine half test is the same as the self test, but you ___ the test part way through
A. Engine Self Test, Half Self Test, Secret Self Test

B. Entire

C. Interrupt
Laser Printer Self Tests Continued

A. The secret self-test can be used to perform a ___ printout instead of only printing 1 test page

B. The self tests work by ___ the formatter board
A. Continuous

B. Bypassing
Laser Printer - Error Codes

What is the error code and error description (if applicable) for the message

A. Warming up

B. Self-test

C. Paper Out

D. Paper Jam

E. NO EP Cartridge

F. Engine Test

G. Toner Low

H. Service

I. Ready
A. 02, the fuser is warming up

B. 05, full self test has been initiated

C. 11, (self explainatory)

D. 13, (self explainatory)

E. 14, no EP / Toner cartridge

F. 15, Engine self test in progress

G. 16, (self explainatory)

H. 50, Fuser error has occured

I. 00, printer is ready to print
Laser Printer Error Codes Continued

What is the description for the following error codes?

A. 51 Error

B. 52 Error

C. 55 Error
A. Laser scanning assembly problem

B. Scanner motor in the laser scanning assembly is malfunctioning

C. Communication problem between the formatter and the DC controller
The Command Prompt

A. = ___ - bit

B. CMD.COM = ___ - bit

C. Some commands are stored in the ___

D. In the command prompt, only ___, ___, ___ and ___ can be set as attributes for files

E. In windows Vista, ___ can also be set under a command prompt
A. 16

B. 32

C. \Windows\System 32 directory

D. Read only, Archive, System, Hidden

E. Indexing
ATTRIB Switches

A. ___ makes the change (of attribute) on all matching files in the current directory and any subfolders

B. ___ makes the change (of attribute) to the directory as well
A. /S

B. /D
CHDIR / MKDIR / RMDIR Usage and Switches

A. CHDIR is long version of ___

B. MKDIR is long version of ___

C. RMDIR is long version of ___

D. ___ removes all directories and files in the specified directory, including the specified directory itself

E. ___ = Quiet mode which does not ask if you are "sure you want to delete"



D. /S

E. /Q

A. Windows CHKDSK (CheckDisk) utility is used to create ___ ___ for the hard disk and can also attempt to ___ and ___ ___ disk errors

B. ___ fixes errors found on the disk

C. ___ recovers readable information from disk
A. Status Reports

B. Repair, Recover from

C. /F

D. /R
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