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a body of moral principles or values
how are values determined?
authority, deductive logic, sense experience, emotion, intuition, and science
how do we avoid ethical dilemmas?
by being aware of established laws and regulations
how much the therapist and client know about each other's personal lives
interpersonal knowledge
contact between the client and the therapist, in a non-therapeutic context, outside of the professional massage environment
outside social contact
combination of psychological and social attraction between two individuals; happens naturally, may be difficult to realize
psychosocial attraction
may occur without client-therapist communication, conversation, interpersonal knowledge and outside contact
physical attraction
when to terminate client-therapist relatiosnip
may be necessary if the relationship boundaries are deteriorating
esteem and regard for clients, other professionals, and oneself
freedom to decide and the right to sufficient information to make the decision
client autonomy and self determination
the right to the objective truth
the principle that benefit must outweigh the burden of treatment
principle that the professional shall do no harm and prevent harm from happening
the principle that treatment should contribute to the client's well-being
respect for privacy of information
the personalization of the professional relationship by the client
the inability of the professional to separate the therapeutic relationship from personal feelings and expectations of the client
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