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The default value for data field of a boolean type, numeric type, object type is ________, respectively.
false, 0, null
Variables that are shared by every instances of a class are ________.
Static variable
An object is an instance of a ________.
________ is a construct that defines objects of the same type.
A class
________ is invoked to create an object.
A Constructor
The keyword ________ is required to declare a class.
________ represents an entity in the real world that can be distinctly identified.
An Object
To declare a constant MAX_LENGTH as a member of the class, you write
final static double MAX_LENGTH = 99.98;
Given the declaration Circle[ ] x = new Circle[10], which of the following statement is most accurate?
When invoking a method with an object argument, ________ is passed.
the reference of the object
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