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A skin infection into deeper dermis and subcutaneous fat; it results in deep red erythema without sharp borders, and spreads widely through tissue spaces. The skin is erythematous, edematous, tender, and sometimes nodular
This disease process is also called the Endolymphatic hydrops. It refers to the dilation of the endolymphatic system by overproduction or decrease reabsorption of endolymphatic fluids.
Meniere's Disease
What are the symptoms of Meniere's Disease?
Tinnitus, unilateral sensorineural hearing loss, and vertigo
What can be the permanent outcome of Meniere's Disease?
-Initial hearing loss id reversible -Repeated damage to the Cochlea caused by increase fluid pressure leads permanent hearing loss
What are the characteristics of Kussmauls Respirations?
Respirations are abnormally deep, regular, and increased in rate
What is the normal Intraocular Pressure?
- 12-22 mm Hg
A neuromuscular disease characterized by weakness and abnormal fatigue of the voluntary muscles, this is caused by insuffient secretion of acetylcholine, and how is it diagnosed?
Myasthenia Gravis -Administration of endrophonium chloride (Tensilon)
How is a Cholinergic crisis diffreniated from a Myasthenic crisis?
-Myastenic crisis- Tensilon is given, if the strength improves, the patient needs more medication - Cholinergic Crisis: Tensilon is administered and if weakness is more severe, the client is overmedicated; administer atrophine as a antidote.
losses may occur without the person's awareness. This fluid loss occur daily through the skin and the lungs. What type of loss is this?
Insensible losses
If an air embolism is suspected, the nurse immediately places the clinent in what position?
The left lateral ( lying on the left side) may prevent air from flowing into the pulmonary veins.
What are the clinical manifestations of a Thyroid Storm?
-Fever as 106 - Severe tachycardia -Hypotension - Severe diarrhea -A-fib -Dehydration
What are the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer?
-Abdominal distention -Urinary frequency and urgency -Urinary or bowel obstruction -Constipation
Define Pneumothorax?
Collection of air or fluid in the pleural space
What are the different types of Pneumothorax?
-Spontaneous -Tension -Open
What are the manifestations of Spontaneous Puemothorax?
-Sudden, sharp chest pain -Sudden SOA -Hypotension -Tachycardia
What are the manifestations of Tension Puemothorax?
-Subq emphysema (crepitus) -Dyspnea -Cyanosis -Acute chest pain -Tympany or percussion -Mediastinal shift
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